Thursday, August 09, 2007


Deb, who writes Posted From Home was so kind to bestow the "Nice Matters Award" to Corner. Thank you, Deb.

In our community there are many talented artists, story tellers, travelers and caring people.
I would like to share with you some of the journals I visit.

Red Velvet. Judy is an artist. She is caring and kind and gracious. Her work always brings tears to my eyes. She stirs my soul. She inspires me to always remember.

Gypsy Purple. Gypsy goes blog shopping and posts the different blogs she finds. I have been introduced to some incredible people through her. She has a remarkable ability to find interesting, creative and beautiful blogs.

Tumblewords. Sue is a poet and an artist. Each poem she posts are thought provoking. I often return to reread. Her watercolors and her fractuals are gorgeous.

Frenchless in France. Linda lives in France. Her photos of the fields of lavender are exquisite! I long to sit in those fields. She has recipes and writes about her life in France. She has a quick wit and I often laugh.

Woods View. Dorothy is in Pennsylvania. She recently posted a series of photos of the different barns she passes on the way to and from work. I find her writings refreshing and her photos bring her area of the world right into my heart.

Guildwood Gardens. Guild Rez lives in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. A friend of the earth. Wonderful photos and always reminders to take care of Mother Earth.

Mary's View. Mary is a special person. She makes me laugh every time I visit. She makes me laugh when I read her comments she leaves on other's postings. She is kind and gracious. She loves the birds. I am honored to call her my friend. She really needs rain right now.

These are a few of the remarkable people I have been privileged to get to know. I hope you have a few minutes to visit them. I hope you also enjoy their writings and their talent.


The French Nest said...

I see my mum beat me to it! I have also nominated you for a Nice Matters Award, Q! I guess that means you're twice as nice!


Q said...

Dear Kate,
Oh, thank you!
There are so many wonderful journals. I enjoy yours.
I also enjoyed visiting the blogs you gave your award to. It is fun to meet new people.
Thank you again,

Sprite said...


How wonderful it must have felt, to receive 'Nice Matters Award.' Congratulations!

I have enjoyed visiting the ones you shared. It is a pleasure to visit all the wonderful blogs of people who visit Q's Corner. I have enjoyed hours of looking.

This is a very nice selection indeed.

I find that one leads to another then another, and pretty soon - hours have gone by.

It is delightful to have the world so close.

Much love,


Q said...

Dear Sprite,
The people that come to Corner are so gracious.
It feels as if we are having tea and conversation. Getting to know these talented people has been a blessing for me. I seem to spend so much of my time outside with the birds and the bugs that visiting blogs is my human contact!
I seldom watch tv. Blog hopping is fun, I am inspired and entertained.
These blogs I shared are only a few of the incredible talent that is on the internet.
It is fun to go to the journals of those who come to Corner.
I can travel the world in less than an hour and be connected to caring people! That is being an Earthling.. we are one..we are united.

Linda said...

Well, merci, and all that. How nice to be mentioned by such a nice person.

Q said...

Hi Linda,
I fell in love with your fields of lavender!
So beautiful!

Mary said...

Dear Sherry,

I wonder what happened to me? You know, for certain, that I visit your blog several times a day for "refreshing". How did I miss this post?

YOU are the definition of NICE. You are so deserving of this award.

Through my ranting and venting, I strive to be nice.

Thank you for this, good friend.


Q said...

Dear Mary,
No worries! You may have missed this post because I did it as a draft and worked on different parts of it until I was happy with how it turned out. I had posted another essay on Friday and when this did post it posted as a Thursday post.
My natural tendency is to be nice like being tidy. I just am. Not a good or a bad thing, and not to the point of being a doormat, or taken advantage of! I do have boundaries. I also can make a huge mess!
Sometimes I will rant and vent..
usually the Grackles get that!
The way I did my "awarding" was rather subtle. Those that would like to play our palor game are welcome to. I like these because it gives me a chance to share some of the blogs I visit.

You are very nice as is your journal. I am so pleased we have become friends!

Stay cool and hydrated.
May the gentle rains come to you soon.

Judy said...

Hi there, i certainly did not expect to find these. Wow, i just cannot tell you how so very honoured and humbled i feel about this. thanyou thankyou so very much. now to go and visit all the other blogs you have linked. have a nice week.

Q said...

Dear Judy,
Your work has changed me!
Your way is so intutive and I am am grateful you share what you do!
I am love Sam. Plain and simple.
Thank you for honoring the Gypies. I still weep whenever I think of them and your work.
Thank you!

guild_rez said...

Thank you for thinking about me.
I am very grateful and humbled by this award.
Just returned from Manitoulin Island, spending time where I love to be and enjoying nature..
Thanks again,

Q said...

Dear Gisela,
You are so welcome. I look forward to your posts and always learn new and interesting gardening ways. I will look up Mantoulin Island! If you love it I bet I would too!

tumblewords said...

What an honor! You deserve this fine award!
And thank you for passing on the links to other bloggers! I'm going to visit them now and know it'll be a fascinating journey!

Q said...

Dear Sue,
It is so pleasant to be nice I think everyone should try it!
These are some of my favorite journals, including yours!
I do not get around visiting as often as I would like to (birds and butterflies keep me outside) but when I do visit I stay and have a cup of tea. Hope you did enjoy each of these fine artists.