Saturday, June 10, 2006

Summer Suppers Soon

I look each day to see what is in bloom.
What is starting to set fruit.

The Kumquot smells heavenly.

The zucchini and yellow squashes are in bloom.

Their blooms are tucked under the leaves.

This zucchini fruit will be ready to pick in a day or two.
These showy, white flowers are carrots.
They look like Queen Ann's Lace, which is a wild carrot.
I have never grown carrots seed to seed before.
These are carrots we grew last year and left in the ground as an experiment to see how the seed was formed.
They are lovely flowers, too. I have a few cut and in my kitchen with herbs for use as garnishes.

This is a leek.

We left it in the ground last fall to watch and see how it produces seed. Very pretty.

Each evening I have been picking peas to go on our Romaine lettuce salads. A Spring Supper for us. Some of the peas I will let go to seed for next year. Once it is in the 90 degrees the peas begin to wither. I hope to get at least another week of fresh peas. It has been warm and I am not sure how long the pea vines will hold up. Forcast is for rain and a cool down.

The tomatoes are in bloom too. Important time for them. They like the heat! The winter sowed tomatoes are just starting to set tiny fruits.

The peony poppies are in full bloom.

These are winter sowed this past year from seed I have saved. I am watching all the poppy seeds for ripening. The plants look a mess but I know to wait a few more days for seed. Come next week I can begin that harvest.


Sprite said...

Oh my Goodness!

I am thrilled to see all the varieties of summer supper in your garden, as well as the beautiful flowers.

I feel each day as if I am walking in your garden, experiencing the beauty, smelling the various fragrances, hearing the buzzing of the bees, chirping of birds and watching the wondrous butterflies and hummingbirds.

After that, I feel as though I help you harvest your 'wonders of nature,' by gently picking precious food that feeds the body. Then at last, it feels like I am in your kitchen or dining room, tasting the bounty of your fruitful life. I feel like I am there by the photos that you capture.

I am awestruck by what you share.

I can't tell you how much I appreciate what you teach and share here at "Q's Corner!"

This is simply an awesome place to come and meditate daily.

So gracious of you to share so very much with anyone who wishes to come and observe your lovely ways. I am grateful this day, and yes hoping for rain too.


Q said...

The first picking is so fun for me.
I look forward to the beans and the tomatoes, the zuchinni. The potaoes can be dug whenever we are needing them.
Once in awhile I have a disappointment, seeds do not germinate or a critter enjoys the fruits.
Inviting you every morning into my garden is also fun. Thank you for joining me on my adventure.
I want to show and tell all! It is beautiful and yummy!

Seems as if every week I am looking for rain. Last night we had our inch! I will keep an eye on the pots on the deck but I do not need to water the beds as one inch will do them for the week.

The Lavender Harvest continues too. Each day I will do a basket full. Getting the stems drying so I have the dried blooms for use.

I try to grow what I need and try to use as much as possible. I always need flowers for the house.

Sprite said...

Oh oh I am so excited, my long stem roses have bloomed in a different way this year. I have one stem with 5 roses on it. It was time to bring in, so now I have a beautiful vase on my mantle with the roses and my candles and other lovely sparkly things.

So happy to have flowers in my home again, it's been a few weeks.

L~ Sprite

Q said...

I bet your long stemmed roses are vey beautiful! Having flowers in the house pleases my eye. I like them everywhere! A flower for every spot!
I bet your mantle is happy!
Do you light your candles?
I like to have a tea light or a small oil lamp on all the time. When I light them I call them my blessing lights. I light a candle for my daughter and her mate, one for my son, and one for my husband every morning. Sometimes I light one for me! If a friend is facing a challanging time I light a candle. Part of getting ready to leave the house is putting out my flames.
I also do my flowers up for different people. I send forth my blessing and know they are completely supported.

Sprite said...


Oh, yes indeed. I do light my candles and a beautiful oil lamp. I have some gorgeous crystals (both individual and clusters) on my mantle and some beautiful orbs. One is quite large, made of purple glass that was gifted to me as a housewarming almost 10 years ago. My mantle is so lovely for me to look at and holds such a beautiful energy of healing, hope, and peace for me and all who enter my home.

I light candles for loved ones too, for any one who asks for any help, healing or prayers. I find that lighting a candle to be something very precious and loving. It's that spark of light that shines so bright and clean. I only burn non scented candles, for keeping in unison with clean air for lungs, for my family, my animals and my home. I do not care for any chemical fragrances, and work with aromatherapy oils that my beloved aromatherapist friend makes. Sometimes, I diffuse oil into the air with a machine called a diffuser. It is electric, but there are some that are simple and have a bowl with a candle under it. It offers sensual smells and healing energy. I am so grateful for plant medicine. You see, I was taught long ago that the essential oil that comes from the plant is it's 'soul' essence. How beautiful is that? Could anything be more pure?

Plant medicines are powerful and must be respected. I have learned that too. It is always important to read and understand the safety of any herb, plant, flower or oil medicines of the earth, before using them. Always, always one should learn first, ask questions if interested, then proceed with the help of a certified aromatherapist healer.

I love that you do flowers for friends, in different vases. Such a precious tribute to your love for them. Your pictures that you share are full of the light that you constantly offer to others. It is clear to me how much you love and treasure life. I feel your support each time I visit Q's Corner garden.

Blessings to you, Have a beautiful day.

~ Sprite

Q said...

Hello Sprite!
Here we are tucked away in a secret garden! I bet your home and gardens are a haven of sweet healing and love. The globe must be magnificent! Nice for sending and receiving the light.
Oh yes, the soul of a plant is it's oil. It is necessary to know how to use the plants so that no harm comes to plant or to self! Herbs are very powerful and must be used in right ways or you can become very ill.
I also do not use chemicals. I try not to. I expect some slip in, yet I do try very hard to stay as natural as possible.