Thursday, August 31, 2006

Looking Back - Looking Forward

I am looking back over August this evening. Each day I was gifted. The sunflowers were beautiful all month. I will be planting many more next year. I have made notes.

The Hummingbirds delighted me very much. I will put the feeders out in March for when they return. I read they migrate by hormones not by food source. It is a good idea to keep feeders up until frost. I am thinking of doing a Hummingbird- feeder tree next year.
August was fun. Learning the names of the different butterflies was nice. I will plant lots more zinnias. The butterflies seemed to go for them. More host plants too. Lots of parsley and I would like some thistle. The butterfly bush could draw some Hummingbird Moths! On my wish list.

Our son has moved to a different city. Our daughter has also moved to a new city. They are having their adventures. They are finding their happy way.

I will finish the August scrapbook and I am ready for September.


Unknown said...

Your photography is truly breathtaking. I was looking for info on how to use a watering bell & stumbled across your blog. Thanks for sharing your gorgeous butterfly & hummingbird photos!

Q said...

Hello Ellen,
It was so fun to hear from you! I spent a few minutes looking back at summer of 2006. This year, 2007, was very different!
I do love the Hummingbirds and the butterflies! I always miss them when they leave for the winter.
So glad you found me, now I can find you...