Thursday, September 25, 2008


Last week
I heard a new bird's song.

Lisa from Greenbow was kind to identified my new arrival as a
Yellow-billed Cuckoo.

Thank you, Lisa.

My bird book says the male and the female look the same.

They are named after their lower bill (mandible).

I am so pleased Yellow-billed Cuckoo has stayed for a few days.

They are summer residents in our forests and winter in Argentina.

Perhaps now that this one has found my backyard habitat he will return next summer.

Maybe he will bring his mate.

My book says they are in decline.
I will learn about these remarkable birds so I can provide food and shelter.

I am so pleased he stopped for fueling and resting during his migration.


Mimi said...

Again, amazing pictures. They are also known as raincrows because hearing their call sounds the alarm for summer rains. They are in decline and it is a shame. Hopefully you will have a frequenter in the years to come!

Cheryl said...

How sweet that your first thought is to help the cuckoo.....and plant for him......I would do the same Sherry, we are twinned souls......
He or she is very certainly have some beautiful birds in your part of the world.....

I am noticing more and more dead bees in the garden....I know this is the cycle of life but it makes me feel so sad......

Lisa at Greenbow said...

They love those caterpillars Sherry. It makes me gag watching them slurp those fuzzy looking caterpillars down. Such a beautiful bird.

Wendy said...

What beautiful clear pics you take! How did you entice him to stay still for so long? Lucky you! I do hope he comes back next summer.

Maria said...

Oh my gosh. Every day, something even more astonishing in your backyard. Beautiful photos, beautiful bird.

Mary said...

He's beautiful. Take good care of him, Sherry. OH, I know you WILL!

guild-rez said...

That is a beautiful bird..
Thank you for the great pictures.
Cheers Gisela

marmee said...

great new visitor. i love the second picture it looks like he is thinking intently. maybe trying to decide this will be a good place to bring a mate.

Q said...

Dear Mimi,
Raincrows? That's so interesting.
I love the folk tales about birds and bugs. I have a little journal I write the tales in.
Thank you for this one.
I think they are in the decline because our forests are in decline.
I too hope he returns.

Q said...

Dear Cheryl,
We ARE twinned souls!
I am honored to have the sweet birds come to the feeders. Some even call the backyard home. I call all of the birds my friends.
I am so sorry the bees are dying. It is the cycle of life yet still it is sad. I went out and spent some afternoon time with my bees today. I too will miss them once the frost comes.
We will dance with the bees come spring.
Sherry, a friend of the bee

Q said...

Dear Lisa,
Not me! I love seeing them have a web worm treat! These are new to me birds and I could watch them all day. Such a strange little song too.
Thanks again for helping me identify them!

Q said...

Dear Wendy,
He actually was moving around a bit in the Ash tree. I was lucky.
I also hope he is a regular. I did not see him come to the feeders so I guess he is here to eat up the web worms. Works for me!

Q said...

Dear Maria,
Thank you.
You also have had some amazing moths!My husband came to your blog and was wowed with your turtles and your moths! Kansas City is a good place for wild life! LOL!

Q said...

Dear Mary,
I think the birds take care of me!
Glad I left the unsightly web worms! Now I think they are "beautiful".
Good food for the Cuckoo!

Q said...

Dear Gisela,
I am always delighted when a new to the backyard bird comes. I also am pleased when I can get some pictures.
He is a lifer for me.

Q said...

Dear Marmee,
I agree. Now I need to find out what else these birds eat besides web worms. Also I wonder when they arrive in the Spring. I am on a Cuckoo mission.