Sunday, September 05, 2010

Sunday Safari

The Goldenrod is showing color.
The Asters are in bloom.

The native bugs are drawn to them.

I am still hunting for a balance
between native and non-native.

Chrysanthemums are my favorite
Autumn flower.

They are "not native"
 to my Mid-west tall grass prairie land.

Yellow mums are so cheerful.
I use them as annuals
in September through November.

I have a border of hardy, bright orange mums.
The butterflies stay away from them.
They are in tight bud right now.
Come October they will be in full bloom.

 I saw a Variegated Fritillary this afternoon in the Marigolds.
They are not native flowers but are my favorite from seed flowers.
My seed box is already full of marigold seed for next year.

The Butterfly Bush is also "not native".

I am looking for ways to grow both types of plants
being careful to avoid invasive.

As we slowly replant the flower beds
I am hoping to plant more native shrubs.
Finding a Spicebush chrysalis today
in the Spicebush bed was all the affirmation I needed
to keep working on planting native.

After the rain on Friday
the temperatures dropped.

It has been a lovely weekend.

The Groundhog was trapped and relocated this morning.
Hopefully he left some tomatoes for us.

I like seeing holes in leaves

and sharing apple slices with
 Red Spotted Purple butterflies.

Now is the time to keep an eye for
and emerging butterflies.

Day flying moths have also emerged.

We are making compost tea.

We are following a
recipe from the internet.

The aerator will work on our mix
 for three days.

After straining we should have food for the asters.

It is time for me to decide
which plants will be coming in for the winter.

I would like to make my potting up soil.

I am trimming back in
the herb garden.
I am beginning to set my harvest table.
Happy Sunday Safari.


Lisa at Greenbow said...

That ground hog looks like his name infers...HOG. We got some of that cooler weather but no rain. UGH... I tried to pull some weeds. They just broke off. I gave up. I will be patient and wait for rain to soften the ground so I can pull them out by the roots. All of these bugs are great. I have never seen that flat one before. It looks like someone already smashed it. Ha.. Happy Sunday Safari.

Barb said...

So many and varied flying friends to visit you, Sherry! That groundhog looks fat from your garden buffet. The photography is amazing.

Tammie Lee said...

so much beauty!
how wonderful that you are making compost tea, I sense your garden will love you for that.

ShySongbird said...

A most enjoyable safari, Sherry! I do love to see all your beautiful butterflies and bugs, the photo with a whole crowd of them on the apple slices is delightful.

My goodness! The Groundhog looks like it has been feeding well, I hope you have some tomatoes left :)

Have a wonderful September!

Angie said...

Beautiful photos, Sherry! What recipe are you using for your 'tea'? I'm always stirring a pot with different 'ingredients' and am curious about the molasses. :) Isn't this time of year just wonderful? I want to dabble in so many different areas---inside, outside, in the kitchen, in the garden shed...I adore Autumn!

Cathy said...

don't go total native with the plants. the butterflies probably learn what non native plants that also tasty along with the regulars.

And something got be the dessert too!