Sunday, November 28, 2010

Sunday Safari

The wind blew the leaves this afternoon.
We watched the clouds when we walked.
The wind created
incredible cloud scapes.

It has been a fun filled week.

We never made it to Squaw Creek.

We stopped on the way north
 and became accidental tourists in
St. Joseph, Missouri.

It is the home of the
Poney Express
the Stetson hat.

The night before we were to visit Squaw Creek
I finished reading the history
of the Cowboy hat. In the index of hat makers
I read the Stetson hat was made just 75 miles from home.
We had a great idea,
on the way to Squaw Creek we could stop for breakfast

and look for the Stetson store.
Maybe I would find my Cowgirl hat.

The story of John Stetson
is very interesting.
The story of his hat and the impact it still
has is amazing.

I knew I wanted a Stetson.

I did find my hat.
She is just perfect for me.

I wear my hat at the kitchen table in the mornings
while I do my writing.

My Stetson inspires me!

I looked at boots too.
Still shopping.
At least I know the color I am looking for,
black to go with my hat.

The temperatures have been very cold,
hard freezes with lows in the upper teens.
I still have a few blooms and herbs to harvest.
The lemon balm is near the front door
and is still delicious.
The mint is by the back walk.
It also is still green.
I can smell it when I walk past.
I pick a leaf to chew on while walking.

We have entered the season of hope

and light.

We have packed up the
 November decorations.

We are preparing the house for December.
We are celebrating the first
Sunday of Advent.

 We have decided to study snow
this December.

We watched snow geese migrate.

We talk while we walk.

We make our plans.

Today the sky held our attention

while I chatted about Cowgirl stuff.

I need a Cowgirl Christmas tree
for my office.

Happy Sunday safari.


Tumblewords: said...

Stellar cloudscapes and stunning Stetsons! The photos are superb and I'm most appreciative of the season of hope - the shortest day will soon be here. Under several feet of snow, frigid winds, darkened days of full-blown winter I was excited to see that you still have green mint!

Cheryl said...

Dear Sherry, I often wonder how many people never look up and see the marvels of the skies above us.
The images you show are beautiful, and so very different.

Yes, you have bought the perfect hat for you. I can see you wearing it, you look very pretty. It is a good hat!
Boots to match will be fun.....
I like the fact you wear your hat to write your journal (with your beautiful pen)

The season of hope......and light.
I always have hope in my heart, I could not survive without hope.

As always a beautiful post.....happy Sunday safari

Love and light

Lisa at Greenbow said...

It will be fun to see where all your Stetson goes and all the adventures you and your Stetson has together Sherry. What fun it would have been to be in a Stetson factory/outlet. I too would have found a hat. Just this year I gave up a birding hat that I have had for over 20 years. It wasn't the quality of a Stetson but it was a trouper.

Even the mint has given up here. There is a spot of green here and there in the garden though. Winter is upon us.

If you are studying snowflakes I hope you have available the books
_The Snowflake Winter's Secret Beauty_ by Kenneth Libbrecht and Patricia Rasmussen and _The Little Book of Snowflakes_ by Kenneth Libbrecht. Both are fantastic what with the unbelieveable photos.

ShySongbird said...

What fun you you have had Sherry, I love the hat it is so smart! I enlarged the verse about the Stetson and enjoyed reading it very much.

Your sky photos are beautiful. It is bitterly cold here and much of the UK has had very heavy snowfalls, we have only had a dusting so far where I live but had a temperature of -10C (14F) at 9am yesterday!

Judy said...

Sherry, I love the colours in that first photo! I know it is a leaf, yet it has an abstract feel to it! And the rainbowish effects in the clouds in the next couple of shots! Do you see the fish in the third shot?
You certainly have been having adventures!

Barb said...

Hi Sherry, The second cloud photo seems to have a heart within a heart. It was telling you something. I will be a good reference person for you if you are studying snow - I could ship you any amount you need! I can picture you writing in the cowboy hat - I have cowboy PJ's (flannel) - you should have some, too.