Sunday, February 26, 2012

Sunday Safari

Sunny and 62 degrees at 2 o'clock.

Crocus in bloom
and lilacs in bud.
Spring is coming too early.

Tulips are emerging,
easily they could be nipped.

The birds are beginning to pair up.
I saw a Grackle this morning at the feeders.

A baby Praying Mantis scurried across the window sill.
I have missed the bugs.

My friend, Poppi, sent me a Dragon she made in school.
I hung Dear Dragon on the front door.
 Dear Dragon can stay on the door all year for it is the year of the Dragon.
It is the year of cherishing friends.
Thank-you Poppi. Dear Dragon is charming.

While my husband painted the office I took my book to the deck. The more I read the more
I began to long for the butterflies.
I began wanting to see them again.
I miss them so very much.
I am  butterfly hugger.

Out of the corner of my eye I saw a Question Mark butterfly.
She was sunning.  She did not stay long.
"Stay safe butterfly," I called out to her.
 "Soon Spring will be here to stay."
My heart began beating fast.

Our St. Francis garden is greening up.
I easily could have daffodils for St. Pat's Day.

I have a relationship with the birds and the bugs.
I listen to them.
They have so much to teach me.

Soon the birds will be seed giving.
Soon they will begin to build their nests.

I saw a butterfly today.
Spring is coming early.
Happy Sunday Safari.


Anonymous said...

What a lovely group of photos depicting all things spring. Spring seems to be be coming early here too, in Litchfield County CT.

I, too, have a relationship with the bug, birds & makes for a happy, fulfilled life. Have a good Sunday evening ;-)

sweetbay said...

The warmth has brought out the bees and butterflies here too. They are a welcome sight!

Cathy said...

Agree, spring is coming too early but yesterday it was a afternoon filled with snowflakes!

if all goes right, new poem tomorrow night.

Randy Emmitt said...


Loved the bird photos! But a baby mantis already, it is still February.

Oh hate the word verifaction here, I can barely read it and it is 12 letters long. Hope I can make it past that mess.

Mary said...


Tammie Lee said...

how wonderful that you saw a butterfly!
and that first image with the birds wings spread, love that. your world might be leaning into spring before mine... i have more snow this week than any time previous this winter..

sending a smile

Cheryl said...

Dear Sherry,

Spring has come very early in your part of the world. I do so hope the frost and snow stay away.....

So many bugs and birds.......I love baby mantis, he is just perfect, and a butterfly wonderful.
My father saw a Red Admiral in his garden yesterday....he was so thrilled.

Poppi will be thrilled you received dragon safely....I will tell her to come visit to see him hanging on your front door. I know a little girl who will be smiling today :)

Lovely safari as absolute breath of fresh air.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

It was a beautiful day yesterday. CAn't believe there was a baby mantis out already. I have found the egg cases but no bugs. We had our first daffodil bloom yesterday. Yay... It does seem early but maybe not so early. Happy SS.

Tumblewords: said...

It does seem early but beautifully inspirational! A sunny day in the 40's was followed by 6 inches of snow and low teen temps forecast for the next few days. Spring is not here yet.

ShySongbird said...

It does look so very Springlike, Sherry. I do hope you don't get any harsh frosts to damage all those lovely signs of new life.

The photos are beautiful as always and what a treat to see the butterfly and the baby Praying Mantis. Your Question Mark Butterfly which I don' t remember ever seeing before looks very like our Comma...I wonder if there are any other 'punctuation' butterflies ;-)

Rose said...

I so enjoyed spending this spring day with you, Sherry. What a treat to see a butterfly and a praying mantis already! It was very warm here yesterday (Wed.), but the wind was much too strong to spend any time outside. I hope the storms passed you by yesterday.

Love Poppi's dragon--how sweet!

Gaby Bee said...

I was doing some blog hopping and found you. Your nature photos are amazing. Great shots!!!
It's the first time I've been here and will come back to see what you've been up to!

Wishing you a wonderful day!
Greetings from Germany,