Sunday, March 11, 2012

Sunday Safari

The Tulip Trees are blooming.

It is early for this show.
They could easily be nipped by frost.

I have fallen in love with the smell of Spring.
In my gardening journal I wrote,
"Plant more hyacinths."

Yesterday was a perfect day
to clip down spent perennials.
It is early to do so but with
rain in our forecast and temperatures to be up into
the 60's all next week I decided to chance it.

The birds are used to us.
We spend much time outside.

Today I am remembering Japan.
 I remember the earthquake and tsunami
that destroyed so many lives
one year ago today.

I send my healing thoughts.
We are connected.

I am looking for Fairies.

It is the time of year
when they awake in my gardens.

I see them often at dusk.

I am watching Venus at twilight.
I am keeping a Venus journal.
The transit of Venus in June 5th.
I am making my plans.

We celebrate Irish words of wisdom


 their art and 

their blessings.

I sowed clover in the yard.

This year I will leave up my mini press.
I hope to find four leaf clovers this summer.
I would like to have a few for art projects next year.

We have a steady light rain today.
A nice slow soaking rain.

We are flying the Welsh flag this March.
We love their Dragon!

The Forsythia is in full bloom.
The parade of flowers has begun.

We are bringing in Spring.

We are going on retreat next week.
We are going to the prairie.
We will be hunting for Spring wildflowers.
We will be looking for early butterflies and bees.
May you have a blessed Spring.
Spring comes early this year.


Barb said...

Your blossoms and blooms welcome the birds and insects (and fairies). Enjoy the Prairie - stay well and safe.

Wendy said...

An early spring - how nice! I can just see the faeries as they flit about, encouraging flowers to open up to the sun.

I hope you find bees and butterflies at your retreat. So nice to see the birds in your yard. We still have a ways to go, but nice temps are predicted all week for us too.
Happy Sunday Safari.

Tumblewords: said...

Exquisite photos and narrative, as always! Happy Spring and Prairie to you!

Cheryl said...

Dear Sherry,

For one brief moment in time I was completely lost in your words......I had entered your world.

Spring is very early.....i do hope the frosts stay away from your garden. We have frost and fog this is very cold brrrrr. Temperatures will rise to 13C today.

I do hope you find bees and butterflies at the prairie.
Retreat is good for the mind and soul.....I send you many blessings.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

The garden fairies are busy now. We should have forsythia blooming at any moment. The Magnolia is already blooming. An amazing spring so far. Just makes me wonder what summer will bring. Have fun in the prairie. I hope this beautiful weather holds for your trip.

ShySongbird said...

Your Tulip Tree blooms are beautiful Sherry and I do think Hyacinths have the most glorious scent! We had a beautiful early Spring day here yesterday but fog this morning and dull now. I saw my first butterflies of the year yesterday, such a thrill!! :-)

It is always so interesting to see your books, I love peeking at other people's bookshelves.

Enjoy your retreat, Sherry. I hope the butterflies find you :-)

Anonymous said...

YAY...I am looking for faeries too!! They live in the forest behind our house... ;-)

David said...

Another beautiful and inspiring post, Cheryl.
I loved that Irish blessing especially about the Devil not knowing for a long time that you were already in Heaven. LOL :0)
That mini Shamrock press is cute.
Happy St. Patrick's Day to ya.

Tammie Lee said...

Hello Sherry,
your post is lovely and overflows with beauty, wisdom, care and a new season.... .yours is blooming quite beyond mine!

PatioPatch said...

a refreshingly unusual pot pourri of thoughts and images, lyrically spun. Absolutely charming

Judy said...

Sherry, I hope you have a good retreat. I am so looking forward to spring, all the more because I have been sick this week, and barely poked my nose out the door to see how much of the snow has gone away...

Rose said...

I missed your Sunday Safari--so sorry! I've been out working in the garden, too, taking advantage of this gorgeous weather. I'd love to join you in your celebration of Celtic folklore--it has always fascinated me.

Enjoy your weekend at the Prairie!


Enjoy your retreat. I hope you find lots of wildflowers and a few faeries too. :)