Sunday, July 08, 2012

Sunday Safari

I heard the wind come up.
I stepped outside.
Temperatures dropped from 105 degrees to 95 degrees.

Overnight the winds shifted to the Northeast.

Our heat wave is broken, for now.

I watered the seedlings this morning.
Like I have done every morning for weeks.
I cannot leave the gardens until we have rain.
The birds and the bugs depend on the water I set out.

Our gardens are in survival mode.

There will be no thrive until the rains return.

I have been studying.
Learning to trust nature.
Learning to let go.

I have been following the moon

and learning Luna Astrology.

It has been so dry we have had no
morning dew.
I carry water and become the dew.

Too hot to walk,
so I dance the Mambo and pray for rain.
Happy Sunday Safari.
May you find a smile today.


Cheryl said...

Dear Sherry, Who prays for rain,

The first image is stunning. The colours so intense, like an artists painting. I love it.

I love to see your butterflies.
I love to know they are in your garden.
I have had fleeting moments with the butterflies.

I am so pleased your temperatures have dropped.
We have rain once I am worried for the bats.
Bat Conservation wrote to me in the week....bats are starving, people are finding them grouded.

Cheryl, Who prays for warmer weather.

Cathy said...

Beautiful pictures.

I need rain my area too! However, hurricane are still not welcome here.

Tammie Lee said...

lovely rain goddess
i can only guess that you are treasured
by all that you nurture and tend to

Rose said...

You've given me a smile, Sherry, with your lovely photos. The young birds are so cute, and the first photo of the butterfly is fantastic! The cooling down yesterday was such a welcome relief; I never would have thought I would happy to see the temperatures "only" reach 90:) But what really brought a smile to my face was the rainshower we had yesterday. I was on a local garden walk when the skies opened up. You've never seen so many people happy to get their hair and clothes drenched:) I hope the rain falls on you soon, too.

Julie Hargreaves said...

Your butterfly images are stunning not many butterflys around here to cold and wet we need some sunshine

Lisa at Greenbow said...

This must be the summer of the lesson to "let go". One of the most difficult things to do to those we love, precious plants, ways of life.

We too have the break in the heat. We got almost a quarter inch of rain. Not enough but I am thankful for every drop.

One who is still watering.

Tumblewords: said...

The local three-month-rain left high 90 degree humid heat in its wake. Everyone's confused! The first image on this post is one of my all time favorites of yours and I have many! :)

ShySongbird said...

Like everyone else I love the first photo, just beautiful! However, I love all the photos of your sweet creatures.

As you sizzle on (95degrees still sounds terribly hot!!) we are submerged in more and more water and I have heard we may see no change until September :-( Such a very depressing Summer and our wildlife is suffering so badly, my heart dropped like a stone when I saw Cheryl's comment about the bats!

sweetbay said...

Your photos are so lovely!


I'm so sorry about the drought and high temperatures. I hope things turn normal and comfortable soon. I love your photos.