Sunday, August 07, 2011

Sunday Safari

A  male Cloudless Sulphur has been
 coming to the back Day Lilies all week.

I love the way he dips into the throat of the flower.

He almost looked green in the morning light.

I counted twenty bees in the Sunflowers today.

I do not know where the Honey Bee's hive is.
I have often thought I should follow a bee.

One plant remains from my old Moon Garden.

Our first Buckeye of the Summer.
These are my husband's favorite butterfly.
They immigrate to our area from the south.

The skies were clear and it was muggy.
I looked to the north and saw a storm coming in.

I stood out on the deck and felt the wind shift.

No rain for my gardens as the storm went north.
We did receive a lovely cool down.

My friend sent me a delightful book about Trees a few years ago.
I have read it many times.
I am reading it again as I begin another tree study.

This time I am sitting with the trees in
my gardens.
I am learning their magic.

I am trusting the trees.

The sun has come out.

I am seeking shade once again.

A Hackberry butterfly calls to me.
Time to dead head the butterfly bush.

I can do this quickly and
get back to my study of the trees.

I love sitting under the Ash Tree.
I love listening to the leaves sing in the wind.

Happy Sunday Safari.


Wendy said...

Hi Sherry,
Your photos are magnificent! In the first one, the butterfly almost looks human!!

Well the storm moved here. I also was on my deck feeling the energy of the wind picking up, some raindrops and cooling. Then strong rains came and now it looks like it's clearing.

Your tree books look interesting. I have lots of trees in my backyard, too many I think, but I have my favourites.

I have bees in the siding of my house! I sit on the back deck and if I sit too close to the house, the bees get angry. So I moved my chair away and just watched. Sure enough the bees were entering the siding, right by the back door.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

I love the colors in that first photo Sherry. The light on the rose is fabulous too. Lucky you to get a cool down. It is supposed to cool off her tuesday. I am looking forward to it.

dAwN said...

Thanks for the Safari! Its always fun!

Aimee said...

I have been painting trees lately... it is like portraiture.

Cheryl said...

Dear Sherry,

The sulphur is beautiful and very similar to our Brimstone (one of my favourite butterflies)
Lovely colour combination with the almost black lily.

Trees are wonderful. I have a collection of books about them.
They fascinate me.
Riley will often hug a tree, with his face turned. 'Come listen Nanna, the tree is talking'
I remember one Spring Poppi Riley and I hugged a tree to see if we could hear the sap rising. For me, a very beautiful moment.

Lord of the Rings....I have read the complete collection so many times.
My Auntie left me the old tape version. It was produced by the BBC. The box and tapes are in perfect order and wonderful to listen to on a drear winter day.
I cannot wait until the children are a little older so that we can listen together.

Rose said...

Gorgeous photos of the butterflies, Sherry! I love the way the sulphur gets into that daylily. I have been wondering where all the butterflies are this year. Last year I had dozens of buckeyes at one time, and this year I've seen only one.

I have always meant to read the rest of Tolkien's work--I've only read The Hobbit. His works seem like the perfect way to enjoy the magic of the trees.

Off to Oregon tomorrow, and probably my last visit there as Daughter is moving back home. I'm going to soak up as much of the Pacific Northwest as I can while I'm there. Have a great week!

Grace said...

Although we have an abundance of bees in my neck of the woods, the butterflies are sparse by comparison. I love your collection of photos.

Tammie said...

such a lovely post that overflows with gorgeous photography. Trees are treasures for sure. I love your idea of following a bee, I might have to give that a try.

Judy said...

Sherry, I am in love with that first photo! I can't get over the way the sun is shining through both petals and wings, bringing an additional depth to both!!

Barb said...

The Sulphur and the Daylily are a perfect color combination. I like listening to trees whisper, too. They have secrets to share. Wonderful photos, Sherri.

Flat Creek Farm said...

Oh how I've missed catching your SS's! Your photos are magnificent as always, and you have the loveliest way to describe your outings. I truly feel as if I am there! The older I get, the more I realize that I have the most peace when I'm communing with our beautiful, wonderful, natural world. Have a fabulous Sunday :) Loving this cooler weather. -Tammy