Sunday, June 10, 2012

Sunday Safari

We have been watching butterflies
lay eggs in their host plants.

Today the Variegated Fritillary laid eggs
 in the wild violets that share the lawn with clovers.
We keep the deck of the lawn mower high
 so the clovers and violets remain uncut.
I am researching the host plants
for all the butterflies that are in my area.
We are creating host gardens.

We watched a Giant Swallowtail lays eggs
in the Garden Rue.
 I went looking for eggs and found a caterpillar, they are called Orange Dogs.
  She must have laid eggs a week ago too.

The Zebra Swallowtail laid eggs in the Paw- paw bushes.
I just read the Sphinx Moth uses the Paw-paws for hosting too.
I will be looking for more eaten leaves.
The Zebra caterpillars feed at night.
I see evidence they are active.

We have been listening to the Pipevine Swallowtail
caterpillars munch away on Pipevine.
I counted 40 caterpillars!

Today I begin my Oak Tree days.

I am just learning this 13 moon way.

"In the myth of Phaeton, a timely thunderbolt from Jupiter
killed Phaeton and ended a world drought with a sudden rainstorm. The Dagda, a supreme father-god in Celtic mythology, is a Celtic Zeus who also protected the earth from drought by changing the weather."
We need rain once again.
Thunderstorms are in our forecast.
I am looking for the Rain Dragons to return.
It has been hot and dry.
I am deadheading in the mornings before the heat of the day.
While the bees are still sleeping.

The Day Lilies open all at once and begin calling
 to the pollinators, "Come hither little ones."

By mid-morning the bees have filled their sacks
with pollen from the cone flowers.

Under the bird feeding station the bird's spilled
sunflower seeds are blooming.

We weed and water their sunflower bed and leave as many plants that sprout for the deer that graze at night.
 These are sacrificial flowers.

Our Sunflower garden is tucked in with the Fennel, Queen Ann's Lace and Sweet Annie. These sunflowers are for August flowers
for our table and for the Gold Finches.

We are outside as much as possible.
We stop often and watch the butterflies.

We stop to play.
Happy Sunday Safari.


kirstallcreatures said...

Great observations, wonderful butterflies, lovely colours.

Cathy said...

Yea!!! I got my new computer!! and I can visit your blog.

Beautiful picture as always.

Cheryl said...

Dear Sherry,

Last image made me smile, a game Poppi and I is good to honour the inner child :)

Your gardens are wonderful. You are keeper of the butterflies, they honour you with their eggs....they know they are in safe hands.
An oasis in a desert.....

We had another inch of rain yesterday....gales hit the garden on Friday causing a lot of minor damage. Winds reached 60mph and of courses with everything in full leaf branches just snapped......
plants are down....
I have only seen five butterflies this year.....even the whites are lacking. I confess, my heart breaks a little, as I know many species are in decline in UK.

More rain expected today.....they say around an inch. I cannot believe the water companies have not lifted the hosepipe ban, and say we are still in drought. Underground water supplies are still very low because the ground was so dry initially, a lot of the rain has run off and not filtered through :(

A lovely safari on a dull and dreary day in Kent.....

Judy said...

Sherry, I am always amazed at your beautiful photos of the butterflies and other insects! Your blog is so calm - I always enjoy my visits with you!

Rose said...

Your garden should be a-flutter with butterflies all summer, Sherry! They must spread the word that your garden is the tastiest around:)

I love the close-up of the bee; what kind of bee is this?

I hope the rain dragons visit you soon--and then come visit me!

ShySongbird said...

Your Variegated Fritillary is really lovely and of course I am always awed by the incredible Swallowtails. I am missing the butterflies so much here! I have seen so few due to the dreadful makes me very sad.

Please call the Rain Dragons away from us now, we needed them but they have outstayed their welcome!

Happy June Sherry, enjoy dancing with your beautiful butterflies :-)

Tammie Lee said...

so many wonderful images
i loved the celtic art pieces
wishing you rain, we have had plenty and it is quite nice

Gaby Bee said...

Great shots! Love all your photos of the butterflies and insects!

Enjoyed the visit as always!

Gaby xo

Angie said...

Such a lovely lovely and oh so informative post, dear SherryQ. You are so gracious to share all of your pleasures and treasures and knowledge and love with us. Huge Hugs and Blessed Bee.