Sunday, June 24, 2012

Sunday Safari

It is because of the summer heat
the coneflowers thrive.

They are a wonderful food source.

After the seeds set

the Goldfinches will have a feast.

I am growing sweet peas this year just for me.
I am charmed.
As the temperatures rise into the upper 90's
and low 100's I wonder how long they will hold on.
I am aware of the heat and the stress it puts on the wildlife.

Some seem to thrive and others wilt.

On my morning garden walk I made sure all the bird baths and puddlers were full of water.

I am being quiet today.

I am remembering my sister.
I miss her. Twelve years seems long ago.
I can still hear her voice as if we talked yesterday.

Years ago an elderly neighbor brought up her old
garden club books. She thought since I was a gardener I would treasure them. I do. I treasure the memory of her.

We planted Mexican Sunflowers.
They are the favorite nectar source of the Giant Swallowtail.

I did up my first terrarium.
It was so fun to do.
It is on my husband's nightstand.
I shall keep gathering for terrariums.

I am planning my September flowers now.
The bees and butterflies will need nectar.

I am deciding now what I will need in December
and January to remind me of the garden.
To help chase the winter blues I will need flowers
and mint tea.
I am planning our July and even though
it is unbearably hot in the afternoons
I am falling in love with summertime.
At dusk we sit on the deck.
We watch the dance of the fireflies.

I love the Fireflies.
They love the summer.
Happy Sunday Safari.
Stay cool and hydrated.


Wendy said...

What a loving tribute to your sister. Time does fly and it seems like only yesterday they were alive and well. My brother has been gone 10 years now. My parents 14 this summer.

Sweetpeas are one of my favourites. Their colours are so vivid, the scent....well - sweet!

Your terrarium looks enchanting. I will have to make one too.

The bees and critters will be well looked after in your garden in this heat. Summer days are wonderful, but it's so important to drink water and keep cool.
Happy Sunday Safari

Lisa at Greenbow said...

It is easy to stay coool but the hydrating is a chore now. My poor garden is drying up. The little wrens have had nest failures. This is not a good year for wildlife around here. Grackles brought their babies to the water feature and bathes today. Scary here. Happy Sunday Safari anyway.

Tammie Lee said...

sending light to you heart as loving memories rise to the surface.
So much beauty in this lovely post. thank you~

Cheryl said...

Dear Sherry, who is mopping her brow,

The memory of your sister is bittersweet. I am sure she walks with you.
The book is beautiful and something to treasure for always.
I send blessings to you and your loved ones.

Hot days for you.....and the wildlife, I know you will take care of all that frequents your garden. You have many plans.....I smile.

Sweet peas love the heat, as long as they have damp soil at their feet. A bucket of water, as you pass will save the day :)
I have lost mine, they do not like waterlogged soil happens.

A lovely safari....thinking of you always, you are never far away.

Cheryl, who never forgets her rain hat :)

Rose said...

Our loved ones always live on in our hearts, and I can sense that your sister's spirit is still with you, Sherry.

Since the coneflowers have come into bloom, I've noticed an increase in insect visitors. Others would probably offer another suggestion, but I can't think of a more perfect flower for wildlife--and me--than a coneflower!

Stay cool...

Angie said...

A beautiful post, memories calling from the soul, sisters heart-to-heart cover minutes or years without end; fireflies and butterflies, flowers and tiny, elegant terrariums---all worthy of minute attention to detail---you do all of this so beautifully...

Judy said...

Gorgeous photos, as ever, Sherry! My favourite is the first one, with the close-up of the bee and the blossom. I missed last week, and here that sunflower was waiting for me. The first capture, looking as though it was made of flame!!

ShySongbird said...

Time passes so quickly but those we have loved remain with us for ever...

As I write this the rain is once again hitting the windows so it is good to feel a little of your heat as I look at your lovely photos. I could not cope with temperatures that high but just a little of your sunshine would be so welcome! We had a little yesterday but only a and again.

So lovely to see your butterflies, there are so few here this year! Each one I see is a treasure.

Sweet Peas always remind me of my Mother. She grew them every year and the house was full of them because of course as she always said, the more they are cut, the more flowers grow back. Just looking at yours brings back that wonderful scent!

Happy Summer days Sherry :-)

The Diligent Gardener said...

A belated happy safari Sunday. Lovely photos and even more touching throughts to go along side them.

Deb said...

Such beauty in this post ♥

Barb said...

Hello Sherry, Your sister still speaks to your heart. Pea vines are strangling my other blooms - I have to pull them out! I read a book on terrariums this spring ( reviewed on my book page). I'm thinking of gathering materials for one, though I may wait until fall to make it. I like your succulent terrarium. Enjoy summer and try to stay cool. It's extremely dry here in Breckenridge - the whole state of CO is a tinderbox.

Vetsy said...

sherry I love your post. By the way I have a sister whose name is sherry and she spells it with an i.

I too love Sweet-peas the two tones of this plant is so Lovely. I just lost my aunt in April and can't believe she is no longer here. I hope that all the beauty that you see in your garden remind you of the beauty you saw in your sister.