Sunday, March 01, 2009

In like a very cold lamb

March came in like a very cold lamb.
It was 7 degrees Fahrenheit (-14 C.) when I awoke.
Four inches of freshly fallen snow and sunshine
made for bright skies.

It is still winter in my gardens.
A flock of Juncos searched for seeds. They are ground feeders and enjoy the little
trays of seed I set out on the deck. It is hard to find seed in all that snow!
The male Red-bellied Woodpecker loves the suet.

He does not like to share!

He will not permit the Starlings to even get a bite!
The forecast is for the wind to shift.
By mid week the temperatures are to warm into the mid 60's.
It is March.
It is time for the wee folk to awaken.
It is time to dance a jig.
Spring will be along soon.


Wendy said...

I was trying to decide this morning if March was coming in like a cold lamb or a sunny lion. I think your post describes this perfectly.
Can't wait for the warmer temps. Like your little bird pics. I just discovered juncos this winter. I think it's because my birdfeeder was destroyed by squirrels, so I put out trays of seed instead. Since juncos don't perch, I watched them at the seed trays.
Keep warm.

Lavender Dreamer said...

Love your photos as always! I posted a funny photo of a goldfinch that I took today. Hope you get a chance to see it! Take care and stay warm!

Mary said...

The Red-Bellied and Staring encounter made me giggle. March has arrived with a fury.

Sherry, we are having a real snow storm right now. Just like Kansas City!


Sue said...

Hi Sherry,
This post would not appear in the blotanical picks area.

Great pics and commentary! I think I told you our weather is similar to yours.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Fantastic photos of the Red-bellied woodpecker Sherry. I am glad to see it refused to let the garden thugs chase it away from the feeder.

Gosh it was cold here yesterday too. That wind that accompanied the cold was the worst. It felt more lionesque to me. UGH...

Rose said...

What a beautiful woodpecker! It's so funny the way he lets the starling know he's not welcome. March here came in like a lion, but not roaring, just a low growl--snow flurries only, but very cold with the typical March blustery wind.

Saturday must have been a hard day for you, Sherry. I'm glad your feathered friends kept you company to keep your spirits up. Hugs to you.


Deb said...

March came in like a very cold lamb for us too. I love the expression on Woodpeckers face :-)Yesterday Jim and I were buying an assortment of suets - cranberry, fruit and nut, apple ... I hope our Woodpeckers will be happy today :-)

Q said...

Dear Wendy,
It is cold but so pretty. The snow makes for super bright light. My camera needs her filter.
Warmer temps are coming to my gardens this week. I am looking forward to them too. I long for Spring but will wait. I know the trauma of a Spring that comes too early.
The Juncos are so sweet. Not too skittish. They are Winter birds here and will leave when Spring comes.
Stay warm too.

Q said...

Dear Lavender Dreamer,
Thank you! I will pop over and take a peek at you Gold Finch. The birds are so entertaining!

Q said...

Dear Mary,
Oh my goodness! A real snow storm...I hope you were out snapping photographs.

Q said...

Dear Sue,
So hard to know the "whys and why nots" of the blog world.
Warmer air is coming by mid-week. Hope you also are looking at a warm up. I plan on going for a long walk in the woods!

Q said...

Dear Lisa,
It was so cold on Saturday with 4 inches of snow...very lionesque!
Sunday was cold but calm. The sun warm and the temperature very cold.
Red-Bellied does not take any bullying. Him and her both will hold their own. I have seen the Robins getting after the Starlings too.
Balance...I am always looking for balance.

Q said...

Dear Rose,
Watching the birds is fun.
I was very pleased Red-Bellied would not let the Starling even get one bite!
Time is a strange healer...I remember the joy and forget the pain.

Q said...

Dear Deb,
I so enjoy choosing suet!
I just found some at the local store for 75% off...great buy. I bought a case and put the cakes in the refigerator!
Your woodpeckers will love the suet as will Wrens and Cardinals...everybody loves suet!

Cheryl said...

Dear is always so difficult for the ground feeders when snow arrives.....I always leave trays of fresh food for them......
I have been working hard in the garden today....spring is most certainly here ....there are many blooms in my space.....
It seems strange to hear you have snow....but March can tease us......I am keeping a watchful eye, I will not be caught out this year by her........

You bird photographs as always are beautiful......I love the starling getting a good telling off>>>>>>>

Lavender Dreamer said...

I'm so glad you saw my funny goldfinch! He even have a long bill! lol When I looked at the photo to post, I thought...I can't imagine that a woodpecker would not fly away when I opened the front door to take the picture! was one of our regulars that didn't fly! heehee! I thought of you and knew you would get a kick out of it!

Catherine said...

Gorgeous captures Q!! He's a selfish beauty!:)

Q said...

Dear Cheryl,
March can be so fickled!
We still can have frosts until May!
I was tickled with the Woodpecker...

Q said...

Dear Cat,
Yes he is! I don't mind one bit either...