Monday, March 16, 2009

March Madness

The Cardinals are mating.
I saw him give her a seed.

The House Finches are mated.

They go every where together.

I filled the small water dishes on the deck and saw two butterflies!
I placed some berries in a bowl just in case they were looking for sweet juice.
I am so excited to see butterflies again!
Maybe tomorrow I will see a bee!

A Lady Beetle was on the oranges.
Nice to know they are awake.

The French Lilac bushes are budding.

The selection for the Men's NCAA College Basketball

tournament have been made.

I need to make my picks.

It is called March Madness.

I call it fun!


Tatyana said...

Yes, it's picking time in our house, too: I do Blotanical picking and all the men do basketball picking! I love your ladybug!

Lisa at Greenbow said...

The birds are all mating here too Sherry. It is such a fun time of year full of anticipation.

We fill out those picks too. All of my favorite teams aren't even in the big tournament. Oh well. Still, when I fill out the sheet and give my dollar for the pool it gets exciting. I never win but who cares?? Not me.

Are you packed yet?

Sheila said...

I hear the birds singing all day. Calling to others and waiting for answers. The cardinals have been very active this week, I hear them everywhere, but have yet to see them.