Friday, March 06, 2009

Wild Sorrow

Sandi and I had kitchen table time.
A short visit since she is on tour.

I am looking forward to the launch party.

This is my favorite of the three books in the Wild series.

This story made me cry.
It is a story that needed to be told.
Hope you get a chance to read it.


Sprite said...


Dearest Sherry,
I'm so happy you had kitchen table time with Sandy. It's nice that you can also go and support her launch party tomorrow. This is just so wonderful!

I got teary eyed when I read the title.

Much love~

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Sherr, this sounds like a good book. I loved her other books. I will look for it.

Wendy said...

Will check it out. Thanks for posting this.

Rose said...

How exciting to have a friend who is an author and even better that you were able to spend some special time with her. I will have to check out her books; I love mysteries.

Mel said...

Hola Sherry,
I haven't had the pleasure to read the books yet, but they sound like a wonderful 'must'.
Besos for both!

Belen said...

DearSherry i wish you enjoy the time wiht your friend.Greetings from Cologne

marmee said...

hope you and sandi enjoyed every moment you had together. i have not read this series. so nice to have face to face time with friends.

gardenpath said...

I read at least one of her books, maybe two. Wild Indigo was the name of the last one. She is a good writer.

Q said...

Dear Sprite,
Sandi and I have been friends for many years. We chat on Wednesday mornings. I only get to see her once a year!
You will cry with this story...I did. Great mystery as well as a sad story about the Indian children.
So wonderful to "hear" from you...
Spring has sprung, Sprite is awake...

Q said...

Dear Lisa,
This is a fantastic story. You will love it I am sure. I think this one is in the is in mine. Her books are at the major booksellers as well as amazon.
Let me know what you think.

Q said...

Dear Wendy,
This is Sandi's third book. The Wild series is wonderful.
Be prepared, this story is a page turner!
Do let me know if you are able to get her books in Canada.

Q said...

Dear Rose,
This is a great series. I think you will love them.
Sandi is a fantastic writer...I love her stories. We have been friends for many, many years...

Q said...

Dear Mel,
Sandi's books are historically accurate. She does lots of research.
I know you would love them even though there are no birds....a wolf named Mountain is a main character.
Let me know if you can get them!

Q said...

Dear Belen,
Thank you! I did have fun with my friend!

Q said...

Dear Marmee,
It was nice to see my friend. We stay connected all year long but it is wonderful to hug and be like you said, "eye to eye."

Q said...

Dear Sandy,
Wild Indigo was the first book and Wild Inferno was the second. This third one is my fav of the three.
I cried at the end of this one...
so good. Hope you get a chance to read it.
Looking forward to book four! It comes out next March...