Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Monarchs in the Marigolds

This October has been so beautiful.

Each day more glorious than the day before.
Watching Monarchs in the marigolds

was a treat today.
When I glanced over to the butterfly bush
 I saw two more Monarchs.
We have not had a frost yet.
I think will dead head the butterfly bush one more time.
If the weather stays nice I will need nectar plants
in November.


~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

It's been unusually warm here! Those look like summer photos! But it will get cold soon enough! Enjoy your week! Stop by soon to enter my giveaway! ♥

sweetbay said...

Fantastic pictures! -- the Monarch is lit up like a jewel.

Randy Emmitt said...


And to think marigolds are terrible butterfly attractors, this Monarch did not seem to know that.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

It is amazing that there has been no frost as yet. It did get farely cold here last night but not cold enough for frost.

I didn't get any marigolds planted this spring. I will put them on my list for next year. Your marigold/monarch photos are so beautiful. I remember last years picture of a monarch launching from a basket of marigolds. Marvelous.

Enjoy this gorgeous weather. The only thing that would make it better here is a day or two of rain

Rose said...

So lovely, Sherry--the Monarch and marigolds are the perfect colors for October. It certainly has been a beautiful month; I've enjoyed every minute of it, though I would love to have a little rain. I thought the Monarchs had all left us, but my husband saw one yesterday, so perhaps there are a few who haven't left for Mexico yet.

ShySongbird said...

Such beauty Sherry! They make my heart swell with pleasure...thank you for showing us. I shall take one more look before I go :)

Dimple said...

Lovely! The monarchs are almost the same colors as the marigolds, yet they stand out clearly.

Barb said...

With any luck, you'll get one more blooming. The Monarch photos are wonderful.

Maria said...

Beautiful pictures as always:)
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Deb said...

How lovely to still be enjoying the Monarch :-)

Juliet said...

I always enjoy seeing your monarchs and marigolds - such a lovely orange (my favourite). My marigolds are over now, & it has got very cold here - definitely autumn weather.

Judy said...

You take the most incredible butterfly photos!! Maybe they are so good because you put so much love into the images!!