Sunday, October 10, 2010

Sunday Safari

It is a magical day,
I wanted to spend every minute I could outside.
I wanted to be in the magic of this warm October day.

I was up and outside before the bees were awake.

I gathered Ash Tree keys for my magic pot.
In ancient Ireland Ash wands were used for rain magic.
We need rain.

I am learning.

I am honoring the trees.

I watched a Monarch dry his wings
 and nectar at the same time.
This Monarch will join in migration.

We went on an adventure last week.
We visited two amazing wetlands
in Kansas.

Frost is still a couple of weeks away.

Towards the end of the month more migrators
will fly in.
We were happy to see Sandhill Cranes fly over.
I would love to see Whooping Cranes.

We watched a Snowy Egret fish.

At least he attempted to.

This area is part of the Central flyway.

We have much to learn
from the birds.
We must live in the spirit of cooperation.

There is room and resources for every one
as long as we are not greedy.

Huge flocks of Franklin Gulls
glittered the sky.

Blue Herons stood as sentries.

I love watching them.

These wetland are perfect habitat
for migrating Pelicans.
Watching the Pelicans glide from one pool
to the next was thrilling.

The Kansas countryside is a mix of
farmland and cattle ranches.

I was tickled to see a truckload
of pumpkins going to market.

We drove south to Quivira.

A few Pelicans

were swimming
and lots of turtles
still on the nest.

We took a short hike
and were treated to hundreds of Orange Sulphurs,
male and females.

The mums are in full bloom at my house.

It is a magical
 October Sunday.

Happy Sunday Safari.


guild-rez said...

stunning pictures and graet shots!!
Thank you for your post!!
Tomorrow we celebrate "Thanksgiving" in Canada.
Wish you a Happy Columbus Day:)

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

You DID have a magical Sunday! Love the waterfowl photos! And I saw trucks of apples go down the road today...did NOT get a photo though! But we did go to the pumpkin patch so I'll have photos to share! Love your day was warm here today, too! ♥

Lisa at Greenbow said...

The triple tens are flying about the net. I love your pictures of places I have read about. One of these days I would love to see them. I need to do the Ash Tree rain dance too. No rain here yet. Sigh~~ Lovely photos all.

marmee said...


today was a magical day. we did indoor and outdoor stuff. it was warm and sunny. your day sounds wonderful. i love all the amazing things you included in your post today.
abbey and i had a day of art today. it was great fun experimenting with different ways of painting and mixing colour.
happy autumn.

Barb said...

Hi Sherri, I like the birds, the flowers and the insects. The egret photos are wonderful. I hope your rain spell works.

Naturegirl said...

A magical post indeed! I loved all the images and realize that I must NOT stay away from my blogging for too long as this is what makes my heart sing! Trees are healing I can attest to that...during my healing from cancer I hugged a wise 250 yr. old tree weekly and asked her for her healing ..and she kindly answered.I am now going to miss her as I move on to my NEW HOME..I shall soon post a phot of her as I say and light Anna xoox

Cathy said...

Excellent photos and I had laugh with the pumpkin one.

Imagine what would happen, if one those straps holding the containers broke as teh driver was making a sharp turn. New meaning to smashing pumkins

Cheryl said...

Dear Sherry, a most delightful day, full of magic and inspiration.

Poppi and I did a rain dance rained for several weeks after (co-incidence I am sure). My mother blamed me for a long while
Do be so very careful of those spells!!!

Seriously I do hope that the rain have had a long hot summer.

The wetland are so very beautiful. It is wonderful to see such habitats. As you know I love to be near water, always the Pisces is within....

I honour the trees each day......they show me the way.
We can learn so much if we listen to the trees.

The Monarch is just so perfect...I hope he/she survives the long journey....

Happy October days.....

ShySongbird said...

Dear Sherry, a really lovely post! I enjoyed it so much :)

What a wonderful time you had at the wetlands, I would love to be able to see Pelicans!

Your photos are all beautiful, the Snowy Egret made me smile, it was in such a funny position :) I particularly liked the photo of the Egret with another wader, they looked so peaceful together. The photo at the beginning of the Cardinal is also a beauty. Then there was the photo of the Turtles which I also enjoyed.

I too love trees and see them as wise old bodies who would have such a tale to tell...if only we understood their language...

Enjoy the rest of October :)

Rose said...

Love all your photos of the wetlands, Sherry. How exciting to see pelicans and the egrets in the middle of cornfields:) I think I may look into making some ash wands from my trees, too; we are desperately in need of rain as well.

sweetbay said...

A magical post as well. It looked like a spectacular fall day. I hope you get some rain soon.

dAwN said...

What a perfectly wonderful Safari..I always enjoy these!

Chris said...

Hello Sherry, thanks for visiting my blog, good to hear from you. I really enjoyed your post, always so interesting. Love the pics of the pelicans and the crane! best wishes to you.

Judy said...

Sherry, that egret looks so silly! As always, I love your photos! Esp the cardinal!!

Tammie Lee said...

your day looks entirely magical and lively. How wonderful to see through your eyes, lens and heart. thank you.