Sunday, October 17, 2010

Sunday Safari

Today is another gorgeous October day.
Acorns are falling
and the mums in the window boxes are re-blooming.
Wild violets in the lawn
are beckoning me to sit in the grass.
I respond with glee.

There are still many flowers in bloom but
 I am interested in the leaves.

This is the season of leaves.

I visited family graves last week.

My husband and I went to a
German Octoberfest in southeastern Missouri.

Watching the artisans was inspiring.

The skills and folkways from the 1800's
were demonstrated by these talented men and women.

I took notes and lots of photographs.

I want to learn how to make braided rugs.

I asked lots of questions.

I watched as sorghum was pressed and cooked.
I brought home a jar.

This was a large festival.

We watched

apple butter being cooked

and apples being pressed in apple cider.

I bought a corn husk witch doll

to add to my witch doll collection.

I fell in love with this hooked rug,
maybe next year I will buy it.

Autumn fairs and festivals
speak to me.

The hands of the artists stay in my mind.

The sounds linger for days in my memory.
I hear the singing and the laughter.
I feel happy.

I seem to resonate with the old ways.

I am at home with dried herbs
hanging on doors.

I wear elk moccasins,
made by Indian women.
One of these days I will make my own.

I did not need to eat a springerle cookie
to fill my soul with the tenderness
of by-gone days.

I am getting my needles and thread out.

I am thinking about leaves and bees

and planning for winter.

While the sun is still warm

and walking sticks are about

I am gathering.

I walked the Osage Trail.

We choose our pumpkin for
our Jack-o-lantern

at a roadside pumpkin patch.

Back home I recorded the 3/4 inch of rain
we had received.
It is a glorious October day.
Happy Sunday safari.


sweetbay said...

What a *wonderful* fall post Sherry. I am glad to hear that you got rain.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

What a fun feastival you attended. It makes me feel my German roots just seeing those glimpses of life. I have always wanted to try doing a hooked rug. I think that would be an interesting hobby. The braided rugs would be good to do too. I am afraid my mind wouldn't folllow the braiding. I know you could do it though. Anyone that can do origami could braid a rug. Lucky you. We still need rain. Enjoy the rest of Fall.

Rose said...

What a lovely Sunday you had, Sherry! I agree that this time of year the trees and their changing colors are what draw my attention more than the garden. Although I would like to see a walking stick--I haven't seen one all summer. The German Fest sounds like so much fun--the hands with the ball of crochet yarn remind me of my mother. Glad you got some rain; I hope it's coming our way today.

Deb said...

I love fall festivals and all the beautiful hand crafted items (I love the hooked rug with the pumpkins and crow)! What a lovely Sunday Safari you had.

ShySongbird said...

A truly fascinating safari, Sherry. I loved seeing and reading about the different crafts. I had never heard of sorghum so had to look that up and while I have never heard of apple butter either I am sure it is delicious!

What incredible creatures the Walking Sticks are, I just love the name :)

You must let us know if you do make a hooked rug, I have always thought it would be fun to try.

I'm so glad you got some of the rain you needed, enjoy the rest of October :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for taking us with you to such a wonderful magical autumn sunday safari! I'd love to visit such festival too to see all those artisans and beautiful things while enjoying the autumn.