Thursday, April 01, 2010



 She is a gorgeous month.

                                                             I honor the bee in April.

Special bee things come out to dress the April house.

is National Poetry Month.

I read poems off and on all day long
in April.

I think poems when I walk.

All sorts of poems please me in April.

Thinking girl poems.

I love bug poems.


I have begun to make plans.

It is the pink month.

There are many events in April.

We are ready.

April is full of surprises.

Lisa, from Greenbow, sent a surprise.
She made me a beaded bookmark
to celebrate Spring!
She is so kind to think of me.
I shall use it in my wetland journal.
I will think of Lisa while on safari each week.

The wind is blowing strong out of the Southwest
again today.
Storms are on their way.
April showers for May flowers.

Happy April!


Bonnie, Original Art Studio said...

Delightful! Happy April to you too.

Wendy said...

Happy April. What a warm, beautiful, and yellow month. Daffodils and bees. Love your pics. Enjoy your poems.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Isn't it funny how April brings out the poet in us?. I think our hearts that have been heavy during winter are awakened with the flowers of summer. I love your bee shots Sherry. I have chased a bumble bee around my garden trying to get a shot. He is flying around drunkenly from flower to flower. You would think I could get one shot. NO. I am too slow. Ha... Glad you liked your little surprise. Big ((HUGS))

Chris said...

Hello Q. April is really here :-) Daffodils everywhere :-) I also have the book 'The Earth From The Air', a gift from work colleagues when I left recently, it is marvellous and I find something new each time I look at it :-) Enjoy the holidays :-)

Cheryl said...

Dear lovely to see the bees in your garden. It is raining here so the bees are hiding.

I love to read poetry especially about bees and butterflies.....

What a lovely gift from Lisa....she is very talented. I am sure each time you look at it, you will think of the kindness and time it took to make such a lovely present......

Enjoy your Easter.....

Rose said...

Happy April to you, too, Sherry! How exciting to see the bees have arrived already at your house. It's been unusually warm here, and everything is budding, but I've yet to see a bee. Soon, very soon...

Babara said...

Dear Sherry
Thanks a lot for the lovely Easter greetings. I enjoyed it very much! Happy and sunny Easter days to you too.And I see you've got Spring flowers ...daffodils, the typical Easter flower here. Spring is indeed a wonderful month, full of promises...and the same I think of poems.
Enjoy Spring time!