Sunday, April 11, 2010

Sunday Safari

The Dogwoods are in full bloom.

I wrote in my garden journal, "Dogwoods at peak bloom."

The Hairy Woodepeckers look like
very large Downy Woodpeckers.

There is a pair that come to the nut feeders.

The temperatures are unseasonably warm.

The tulips are at peak bloom too.

                                            I love the way the sun light shines through the petals.

I love the shadows.

There are many varieties of tulips in the gardens.
I plant daffodiles around them to protect them from the rabbits.

The white lilacs on the east side of the house
 are just beginning to open.

I knew by the scent that drifted around the house
to my perch on the south deck
 they were opening.

The French Lilacs are also just beginning to lure.

Spring is rushing in.
Lace wings have emerged.

Each day another bloom.

I have lots of work to do in the gardens.

I refreshed the Baltimore Oriole's nectar feeder.

Many of the fruit eating birds like grape jelly.
The Baltimore Orioles are very fond of it.
I want to be ready for when they arrive.

My neighbor came by.
She told me Hummingbirds were spotted in our area.
I filled the feeder.
Summer bird care is as involved as Winter.

The nesting boxes are still empty.
Wood Bees are checking them out.
The cardinals are rebonding.

I found another color of Wild Violet
in the back lawn.
There are five different colors now.

The dandelion roots have dried.
I will grind them for tea.
I see there are more dandelions in the yard to harvest.

The hawks are soaring.

Diane Arckerman is my new
favorite writer.

Reading her books has made me a better person.
I look forward to the next page.
I think we could be very good friends.
She likes bugs too.
Happy Sunday Safari.


Barb said...

Q - It's so hard t comment on a favorite photo or thought - I think all are exceptional. I can almost smell the lilacs (one of my favorite scents). The cardinals are so rich in color. And all your blooms...thank you! I also enjoy Ackerman's writing.

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

This author sounds familiar. I can't wait to find these books to read. Your photos are spectacular today. I took photos of bleeding hearts and tulips today, too. Hubby has the hummingbird food read to fill the feeder and we are seeing lots of birds here in the mountains. Enjoy your evening! I look forward to each and every post that you write! ♥

Randy Emmitt said...


The bird photos are some of your best without question! I can smell the lilacs now, too hot here for them to thrive very well, did see some in bloom today though.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Our gardens seem to be on the same pace Sherry. I don't there are any tulips left in my garden now. The Cardinals are someplace making nests. I haven't seen them around much. Great photos.

Cheryl said...

Sherry...spring has most certainly sprung in your gardens. I love the cardinals bonding, so touching. The dogwood blossom is so very beautiful, birds and blossom always look so pretty together.

My tulips are still in bud.....they will bloom soon I hope.

Our temperatures are still low....
8C 47F and a cold north wind.

I like the look of your books.....I am in love with 'unicorn'....

Lovely safari.....

Deb said...

Wonderful Sunday Safari post Sherry. Your garden is looking wonderful & always exciting to hear that Hummingbirds have been spotted ♥

Tumblewords: said...

Love taking these journeys with you! The only color produced by flowers around here are at the supermarket or gardening stores but soon... soon... Beautiful post, as always.

Rose said...

Such beautiful images, Sherry; I love all the blooms, especially the way you've captured the light shining through them, but the pair of cardinals has to be my favorite. I've seen them bonding in my front yard like this, too; I think they could be called lovebirds:)

I saw two admiral butterflies this past week, and today I spotted the first bumblebee of the season--summer is on its way!

sharon said...

dear sherry,

wonderful images of all things spring. the cardinal in the dogwood is so colourful and crisp.
my lilacs are blooming now too...i love everything about them. the colour, the scent, the look of delicacy.
i am enjoying the sun shining through the leaves, blooms, and petals so very much.
i have dandelions and violets all over our yard...sometimes i would just love to leave it there for a long time with mowing. it make you feel like you are in a meadow.
i am so glad you are having a wonderful springtime.

Flat Creek Farm said...

I was just thinking as I looked through these - oh my, "that's my favorite." Then I'd scroll down - "No, no... that one is!" So I agree with Barb, the first commenter, they are all exceptional!

Thanks for the reminder about the grape jelly for orioles. I had such fun watching them eat jelly last year. And hummingbirds, where are you? I've had the feeders ready for over a week :) -Tammy

dAwN said...

Ahhh..what a fun Sunday are one busy gal..I hope those Orioles head your way real soon..We are seeing them migrate thru texas now..
Dandelion tea..that real good for you..I am sure you know that..
Thanks for the Sunday adventure.