Friday, April 16, 2010

Rainy Friday Morning

It is a misty, cool morning.
I am grateful for the rain and
the cool down.

I planted Fuchsia in the north window boxes.
I hung a large basket of Fuchsia on the porch. It is a lovely flower.
The Hummingbirds love it, me too.
It is early for planting out tropicals.
I was told our last danger of frost is now April 15th.
It has always been May 1st.
Climate change has come to my gardens to stay.

The Peonies are in tight bud.
The ants have arrived to help in their unfoldment.

                        I have been planting for the Hummingbirds.
                         They like Nicotiana.
                         I planted a dozen plants in the west window box.
                         I like seeing the hummers up close
                         while I sit at the kitchen table or stand at the sink.

The Crown Imperials are in bloom.
They are lovely and help to deter the moles from tunneling near them.
I would need to naturalize these bulbs all over the lawn and in all the flowers beds.
They only turn the moles aside to tunnel elsewhere.

  I planted strawberries for the wrens.
Hanging baskets make for nice nest spots
and sweet berries, close by for easy nibbling, while sitting on the eggs.

                                    I have been planting seeds this week.

and rescueing an old dress form left at the curb.
Her name is Annabelle.
She is cleaned up now and her base will get fresh paint.

These first two weeks of April have been too warm.
 I hope this cool down stays.
I have many cool season vegetables that are just now sprouting.
Many of the May flowers are blooming.

                                                      The native Columbine is in bloom.

The Rhododendron is in bloom
and the azaleas are in bud.

                  Dogwood blooms make nice umbrellas for tiny folk.

I started planting the deck boxes.
The large lavender pots are beginning to harden off on the porch
before they face the full southern sun.
Summer and Spring are colliding.

I need rainy days.
I need cool April showers.


Barb said...

These photographs of your blooms are a feast for the eyes! (And how nice that you also provide a feast for the birds!)

Cheryl said...

Dear Sherry....I love your hanging baskets.....a wonderful idea to plant strawberries for the wren. I have planted a native wildflower in five hanging baskets (bird's foot trefoil). Bees and butterflies love it. It is the host plant for many of our native butterflies. I may have babies in the hanging baskets to.

Your gardens are way ahead of mine. Temperatures are below average here, and have been all week. It was 7C (44F) this morning......the north wind is still with us. At this moment a log fire is burning and I feel cold. Frosts expected tonight.
Temps should rise tomorrow. I do hope so.

Your fuschia's look like silk. I have some growing in the greenhouse. I have planted Annabelle.....

Your gardens are beautiful Sherry, I look forward to sharing this time with you.

Deb said...

We have to be patient a bit longer here ~ May 24th is our "planting" weekend :-) I love all your flowers & plant fuchsia & nicotiana in hanging baskets too. What a fabulous find Annabelle was!! Have a wonderful weekend Sherry.

Rose said...

I do hope your rain heads our way; we could use a little, too. The days have been unseasonably warm, and although I've appreciated the sunny days for working in the garden, I'm not quite ready for summer yet--I'm hoping spring lingers for awhile.

I didn't know the hummingbirds liked nicotania--thanks for that tip, Sherry! I have a favor to ask of you, Sherry; if you could, perhaps you could e-mail me at Thanks so much!

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Sherry, seeing your fushchia makes me think of when I was a young girl (woman) and the first time I went to a nursery that had these fushchias, my head swirled with delight. I think that I will never be tired of growing these or seeing them in other peoples gardens. I must find some for myself this year. I too want this lovely cool weather to last for while. The warm weather spurred us to get our basic garden chores accomplished. Just a little bit left to do. Then we can relax and enjoy spring migration. We had our first house wren yesterday. Aren't they just the most sweet little delvils ever. They and the Carolina wrens have been having territorial disputes already. Big Hugs...

Amy said...

Sherry, I'm jealous - the fuchsia is very, very lush and that dress form is a prize! Good info re mole deterrent too - I'll have to look for one "Crown Imperial" (or 100!). Great photos as usual! Happy Spring!

Bonnie said...

I've been bringing my fuchsias in for the winter the last couple of years. They've bloomed almost all winter. I take cuttings and start new plants, they root very fast.
Love your dressmaker form. I have an antique one that I dress according to the season/holiday. Her name is Matilda.

Chris said...

Hello Sherry, I always like to hear about your hummingbirds :-) And planting strawberries for the wrens! We are having some fine days here in April, the sun is bright but still a slight nip in the air this morning. Lots of Bumbles around :-)

keewee said...

Lots of eye candy there. I too like the wrens to nest in my hanging baskets.

dAwN said...

hee hee..Strawberries for the Wrens...nice..Great stuff happening there..

Tammie said...

I enjoyed reading every word of your post, feeling into your world and the things you enjoy. Your days are so much warmer than ours. I felt warmth, true warmth yesterday for the first time outside since last fall. It was too warm....for me. Today's warmth felt wonderful- there is an adjustment. Each and every photo was a delight to see.

Thank you for the comment you left me. You touched my heart...