Sunday, April 04, 2010

Sunday Safari

I sat in the grass with the bees
and munched on sweet Peppermint.

It is a warm Easter Sunday, 80 degrees,
with a strong breeze out of the Southwest.
Storms are in the forecast for tomorrow.
Our Easter traditions have changed over the years.

We no longer hunt eggs

nor do we eat chocolate bunnies.

The birds sing our alleluia chorus.

Our rituals are inclusive.
We see the beauty in all creatures.

My childhood faithway taught me how
to live a compassionate life.

 As an adult I have learned to be a good steward.
I feel the joy of seeing a new species in my backyard.

I honor that which came before me.
I am grateful for shared experiences.

The lilacs are in bud.

We celebrate new beginnings.

The roses are leafing.

Happy Easter!


Naturegirl said...

Oh sigh..Sherry it always so relaxing and good for my soul whenever I stop by your blog!
Happy Easter Happy day!
love and light anna xo

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Say, you were out there with the Easter Bunny munching mint?? Lucky girl. We had a terrific Easter too. We sat outside all afternoon talking with family that came to visit. The wind was blowing here too. We had to hang on to our bonnets. Great photos of the bees. I haven't seen a bee yet. Just a few wasps. Happy sunday safari.

Juliet said...

Happy Easter, Sherry!

80 degrees is so hot, when you only had snow so recently! I should think it's been about 50 here. Our garden is also buzzing with bees again though - your photos of yours are lovely, as always.

Wendy said...

Oh how nice to see dandilions, birdhouses and grape hyacinths! Birds and bees too!

We also had a warm Easter, with everybody outside in the backyard.

Happy Easter to you!

Barb said...

Sherry - I notice even the lowly and sometimes reviled dandelion gets its due in your world. All your budding, blooming, and birding are a great way to spend the day. I enjoyed your post.

Cathy said...

Sound like you had a wonderful Easter! beautiful photos too

Dimple said...

Blessings Sherry!

kkryno said...

Happy Easter, Sherry! Thank you for such a lovely post.

Happy Spring!

Cheryl said...

Dear Sherry......a charming and soulful post. We are always connected in our love of nature and all that frequents our gardens.
The dandelion is so pretty....I leave them to. Poppi and I eat the petals sometimes, they are supposed to be life giving. I am a believer, so is the little one.

A new species always makes the heart best a little faster, does it not? It goes without saying your bees are just the best.....

I have eaten way too much naughty good this Easter and must now go back to being a good girl. It was fun to eat with my daughter and the grandchildren.........a naughty treat once in a while does not harm.

Enjoy your Monday my friend.....

Cheryl said...

Silly me....I meant 'beat a little faster'.......

Judy said...

Such wonderful photos of spring! Soon, you will have lilacs scenting the world! My favourite photo is the daffodil with the feather blown into it! A gift!

Joy said...

Bees humming, sitting in the long grass on a warm day, perfect. Beautiful photos full of the joys of spring. (I saw my first bee of the year yesterday but it is only a sunny 12 degrees centigrade here). Thank you for your comments over on mine, happy springtime to you.