Sunday, July 08, 2007

Holy Zukes!

It is a good year for zucchini.

The plants are huge.
Some are shoulder high.
My husband calls them,
"Atomic plants."
This one leaf is 19 inches long without its stem.
I have not seen any squash bugs.
Perhaps the birds are earning their keep.

I have picked 58 fruits and more are ready.
We eat zucchini every day.
I share with family and friends.

I still have plenty to put up.
I shred the zukes and place them in zip lock freezer bags.
Come winter I will have my zucchini for my husband's muffins.


Sprite said...


Wow! They are big this year, holy cow!

No squash bugs? That is rather interesting. I remember last year you were on the ground picking them off the plants. Do you think it is the birds? That is wonderful!

Yum-O Zucchini muffins.... mmmmm

Supersonic Atomic Plants, I'd say.



nina said...

We're drowning in zukes, too! Most of what we prepare with it turns out to be rather "italian"--my version. But, lately, added curry, served over rice and went "indian". Not too bad.

Q said...

Dear Sprite,
I am so happy to have a good crop this year.
I do not know if it is the birds or the wasps or why no squash bugs but I am ever so happy none so far!
To make it through the winter I need 23 bags of shredded zucchini. Last year I was not able to put any up. I used what I did in 2005, plus I used pumpkin. If I can get the freezer full I will not need to buy so many pumpkins come October!
My husband does like his morning muffins!

Q said...

Dear Nina,
We eat zukes every day!
I make grilled zucchini sandwiches and stir fry and pizza. Last night I took a small one and chopped it up raw for our salad.
I do like to eat as much raw food as I can.
We love the zukes! Never too many..
I will try the Indian accent. Sounds yummy.