Monday, July 23, 2007

Winter Wren

I heard a little "kip-kip."

A Winter Wren flew onto the deck.

This little one is new to me.
Out of his range for summertime.
So small!
Welcome Winter Wren.
Do you have a mate?


mon@rch said...

I just can't keep up with your so many wonderful post here! Just love your shots of this little wren!

Anonymous said...

Oh i love your photos! Do you have a telephoto ready on the tripod for these?? Just great!
Sweet little guy.

Q said...

Hi Mon@rch,
I am a poster!
I post when I download photos.
Depending on the day, and what joys I see, depends on how many posts I end up with.
I am very excited to have this little wren in the backyard. Hope he has a mate and nests up and stays. I always have room for another wren family.

Q said...

Hi Becky,
LOL! No I hand hold 99% of all the photos. I have a monopod and a tripod which, once in awhile, I need. For most snap shots I just sit on the deck with the camera on my lap. Here it had become very dark with a storm coming in. I was having a glass of water after my morning walk. The Winter Wren was very close. This was taken with a 200x zoom.
Very sweet and so tiny, 4 inches!
The Hummingbirds are 3 1/2 inches so not much bigger. Cute little voice too.
He took a drink from my pretty little bowl I had set up for the Hummingbirds. I like it just as much as a Wren bowl!

Mary said...

Like Monarch, I can't keep up with you. There is a surprise around every "corner".

I hope the little wren stays!

If you have a 200x lens, describe how large your camera is...

Q said...

Dear Mary,
I never know from minute to minute who will show up! This little wren is very cute.
I have three lens, a small 18x-55x,
55x-200, and 200x-500x. I use the 55-200 the most. The camera is a Nikon D50. I have a few accessories too; shade guards, polarizing filters and a remote. Each time I get a new accessory it takes me awhile to figure out how to use it.
I am looking at a macro lens. There are some bugs I just cannot get. Those inch worms move very fast!
I do like photography. Going digital opened the door for me.

Naturegirl said...

Love this little can see the gentle soul it has!! hugs NG

Mary said...

Christmas is coming fast. I need to take some time to investigate that Nikon. I like my Kodak EasyShare but I think I'm worth an upgrade. Tee-hee. Preference by L'Oreal - I'm worth it.

Q said...

Dear Naturegirl,
He is a charming little bird. My husband remembers Winter Wrens being in our yard years ago. The range maps show them in my area in the Winter. In the summer they breed up by you! Maybe he is an early arrival. Hard to say any more.
My Peterson Field Guide is 27 years old so ranges could have changed too.
I am very fond of the Wrens. They are sweet songsters and like you said, gentle souls.

Q said...

Dear Mary,
Before I bought a digital camera I made a list of everything I wanted a camera to do. I wanted to be able to buy the different lens and learn photography. I knew I needed good optics. There are better lens than the Nikons but they are more than what I need. The D50 is all I will ever need for the type of work I do.
I think once you get used to the weight you would love the range!
You are more than worth it.
You have a great eye and that's the most important part of photography.
I wear rose absolute, but not when I am outside with the birds and butterflies!
No rain again, it went around.
Rest well,

Jayne said...

How sweeeet!

Q said...

Hi Jayne,
I am smitten!
This morning I am looking all around the yard to see if I see Little Wren again. No rain, so maybe he will come for a drink or a bath.