Wednesday, September 19, 2007


I spent my afternoon
with the Swallowtails.
Two Giant Swallowtails
claimed the zinnias by the back sidewalk.
Two Black Swallowtails
claimed the zinnias by the back patio.

A female Tiger Swallowtail
share the zinnias on the east side
with the Monarchs.

I am keeping my eye out for the Spice Bush Swallowtail.
Her host plants are growing very nicely.


mon@rch said...

Wow, so many more amazing photos of these swallowtails that you captured! BRAVO~

Q said...

Dear Mon@rch,
I am a little bit butterfly crazy right now. Lots of monarchs are coming to the zinnias. I counted five this afternoon. I did not see any laying eggs and all of the Monarchs looked "new". I love all your bird sightenings. You live in bird haven!
I will be back to birds soon. The butterflies will leave soon.

Anonymous said...

Q- I've been away for awhile. I've been camping in California, spending most of my days outdoors. Birds like to feed on the berries of the alder tree I sleep under. I love waking up to the birds. A chirping Wren made me think of you the other day. It was fun to catch up on the blog, beautiful sunflowers!! A plant of my heart.
Much love~Lavender

Q said...

Dear Lavender,
Oh, I have missed you! How wonderful to sleep under the canopy of the Alder trees. Chriping Wren! Sweetness galore.
We will need to do much catching up. I was in the temperate rain forest a few weeks ago...Heaven on Earth. The deer ate most of my sunflowers this year. I have a few left... very few.
My lavender is doing good. I did not harvest any this year and it is in its second bloom. It was badly nipped in the April freeze. I am letting it set seed and hopefully it will reseed and be lovely next year.
Some of the rosemary survived the April frost. I lost most of it but leaving it alone this growing season has been a good thing. It has grown so much! I might even be able to do a small harvest for winter use.
Glad you are back. Do call.

Mary said...

Stay with your swallowtails. I'm looking forward to Friday :o)

Q said...

Dear Mary,
I do love them. I was trying to get my trip scrapbook started but the Swallowtails kept me outside all afternoon.
I can do my scapbook after they leave.
I am so excited about Slide Show Fridays! I am working on my music for it tonight! I keep thinking about what photos I will use too. I have so many that never get posted.
Can't wait until you do one. They are fun!

Naturegirl said...

I danced with the butterflies for one afternoon and you dance every day!
How wonderful is that! Gorgeous!
hugs NG

Judy said...

Amazing photo's as usual.

Q said...

Dear Naturegirl,
I am butterfly dependant! I would love to have a conservatory in my backyard. Maybe when my husband retires he will build me one.
We both dance with the butterflies!

Q said...

Dear Judy,
Thank you. I respect your work so very much. "Numbers" is a work of great love. I thank you for sharing your work. You have touched my soul.
Thank you.