Sunday, November 19, 2006

Chasing Monarchs

While at the library yesterday I picked up "Chasing Monarchs" by Robert Michael Pyle. This is a story of Mr Pyle's adventure of following the autumn migration of the Monarchs from Canada to Mexico. Although it is only 40 degrees outside I wanted to read with the birds. My husband says the sun is worth ten degrees, today it was 20! With only a sweater on I was warm in the sun.

Mr Cardinal came to see what I was doing. He let me know the back bird bath needed water.
When the Stealth flew over I did stop reading to take a few photos.
Jay let me know the hawk was flying.

I am learning about the Monarchs. I am taking notes. I shall start a butterfly journal with photos.
I saw a Sulpher fly over. She did not land.


Deb said...

What a wonderful blog you have! As a bird lover - I have enjoyed looking through all your beautiful pictures.

Q said...

Welcome to my world Deb,
I would love to fix you a cup of tea and have a visit with our bird friends!
I also love the butterflies.
Seems I am smitten by plants too, oh, and clouds and the moon and the stars!
Well I also like the four legged and all sorts of bugs.
I think I am a nature lover!
Thank you for coming by.
Decorating for December is coming up and I do lots!

Sprite said...

Dear Q~

Mr. Cardinal sure does love to pose for you, this is wonderful.

The Stealth always flys right over our house, we seem to be in the direct path from the base. It is an astounding object. When it is quiet, it is eerie. When it is loud, it is frightening. I don't even think it looks real. It looks like a paper cut out, don't you think?

Love your lounge chair and book, it looks like it is the beginning of summer in that picture!

L~ sprite

Q said...

Dear Sprite,

The Stealth is other-worldly! Very two demensional.
It is eerie....
Blessings to it......

Today the cold front came in and I miss the warmth of the sun.

Hope this Winter I can come to Corner and be warmed and refreshed by birds and butterflies and sweet friends like you!