Tuesday, November 28, 2006

The Holly

It was seventy degrees out this afternoon. The wind came up and dried the holly from last nights rain. I was ready to trim the Blue Maid Holly for Christmas arrangements. I make "Kissing Balls" for my ceiling fixtures.
Two pink confections, one for the living room and one for the dining room.
The kitchen has a bit of yellow in the decorations so I went with a variegated ribbon. The entry is in silver.
I used sixteen holly stems for each one. Tonight my husband will cut the pine for my big vases. The Holly and the Pine will stay fresh in water until January.


Sprite said...



Oh the Holly is so beautiful. Your decorations are lovely.

L~ *sprite

Q said...

Thank you Sprite,
I have so much fun creating with the fruits from the garden.
The ceiling decorations are not really "balls" I just call them that!
Guess they could be hugging spots!

My husband does like them, and we do kiss under the holly!

The entry has a huge silver ribbon ball with the holly. I gasped when I put it up. Turned out nice.