Sunday, March 11, 2007

Wrapping up sweaters

It is time for me to store the winter sweaters.
Pieces from an old silk blouse became the wrap for the lavender.

White tissue is the wrap for the sweaters.

I like the inside of my drawers to be as pretty as the outside.
I use different colors to let me know what sweater is inside the tissue.

To celebrate springing forward I made our first limeades of the year.

I used a small amount of lime sherbert in each glass and for me, a cherry limeade. I will do all sorts of variations as spring moves into summer. Sometimes I will use lavender syrup instead of sugar or rose syrup. Sometimes I will make lime sherbert floats.
Once the pitcher is empty I will dry the limes to use in my tea. Then the limes go to the compost.


Chris said...

Special Day? :-)

Q said...

Hi Chris,
A very strange happening...
My words did not post!
I think this trouble is beyond sun spots!
I was able to get some words in later. Humm...
I may need to ask my daughter what is going on.
Yes, first limeades of the year is an event at our house. I like lime sherbert too.
So silly!