Sunday, March 11, 2007



smilnsigh said...

Ohhhh robins!!!!!

Lucky you!


Q said...

Dear Mari-Nanci,
They are on their way, eating worms as they travel. Your worms will be coming up for sunshine soon!
Sunshine and warm breeze,

Chris said...

Hello Q. Your robins are different to ours :-) Ours measure about 14 cm lengthways, so quite tiny. They are probably our favourite bird, everyone loves them :-) Also very territorial! Your pics are brilliant as usual:-)

Q said...

Hi Chris,
Your Robins are tiny and so cute!
Ours are about 26cm lengthways!
Tiny blue eggs. One of my favorite colors is Robin egg blue! Ours are also very territorial! The males do seem to fight with their song.
I see many in the yard so I do not know how much territory one male requires. I think the Robin is one bird almost everyone could identify. For those north of me the Robins coming is a sign of spring, as they migrate. The Robins have been staying all winter here for the last few years.
I am studying the Gold Finch and the Robin this month. I know the females of both and the songs. Looking for nests now!
I was very pleased with these photos. I want to frame a Robin picture for my March decorating. I like both of these. I hope I will get a photo of a Robin with a worm. If I do I will post it and frame!

For Love of Home said...

I just love Robins, not the most beautiful bird, however the most fun to watch. When I water the lawn they just have a time getting a shower ~ and don't care who's watching. Love your photos!

Q said...

Hi, For the Love of Home,
I also enjoy the the way the Robins "shower" in the sprinkler during the hot summer! I like watching them get worms. They are the earliest singers in the mornings and will sing even at night. They are beautiful in their way. Certainly a harbinger of spring for those who live north of me. They tell us to sing our own song! I like that. I often forget to sing forth.
Thank you! I do like taking pictures. Every place I look I see a great photo. Right this minute I am looking out the office window watching the setting sun and listening to the Robins sing.
This is heaven on earth. "Where's the camera?"