Saturday, March 24, 2007

Buds and Blooms

The Red Bud Tree in the front heart bed is budding.

The bed has daffodils in bloom and a new bird bath.

The French Lilacs are in bud.

It also has a bowl for water.

The deer left some of the white Tulips in the Moon Garden for me to enjoy.


Naturegirl said...

Absolutely glorious to see! I can dive right into that tulip as though I'm a bee! hugs NG

Q said...

Hi NG,
It is amazing to me how the tulips open during the day and close up at sunset.I would love to see the bees in the tulips! So far only in the daffs.
When the deer came into the yard they ate the leaves of the white tulips. I was concerned they would not bloom. The moon garden is filling in nicely with white flowers. This year I will plant the white hyacinths I forced inside.
Sherry, who loves white flowers!