Saturday, March 24, 2007

English Daisies

The Daisy Garden recieved three new plants this year.

I have been wanting an early spring daisy.

When I found the English Daisies I fell in love.
These perennials will grow well in my daisy garden and I can divide in a few years.

My goal this year is for each bed to have a new plant!
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Deb said...

Your daisies are spectacular! and having a garden filled with daisies ... what could be better!

Q said...

Dear Deb,
The daisy garden has a few spots left for perinnals and I have waited to find just the right one. The English Daisies are so pretty and small. They will be over before the summer daisies bloom.
The pink color looks pretty with the other spring flowers.
Daisies are one of my favorite flowers.

Chris said...

I love the daisies too. They are clever the way they adjust their height to the cutting blades :-) Do children make daisy chains in the US?

Q said...

Dear Chris,
When I was a child I made clover flower chains and I do think I made those with my chidren. The Daisies would make beautiful flower neclaces. Maybe one of these days I will have enough daisies to do that! Guess I could go get a few more plants and speed up the process.
Sherry, who wants to make a daisy chain