Tuesday, March 27, 2007

I Like Bees

I saw the bee on the Tete-a-tete Daffodils.
The Bumble Bee is a wee bit big for these tiny daffs.

The bees make me laugh.

I love to laugh.


Chris said...

I love the bees to. Beautiful pics :-)

Q said...

Dear Chris,
Oh yes! Bee people we are! I think the bee reminds us to enjoy all aspects of life. I love the way the bees do their bee dances. I have seen them do both; the dance to say "take my pollen" and the dance that tells the "direction" of where the pollen is. Bees are fascinating. This bumble-bee has been very friendly towards me these past couple of days. This morning while I was on the deck with my coffee Mr. Bumbles was warming up on a flower in my dish garden. He flew over to my shoulder and sat for awhile. We had eye to eye "Hello". As the day went on he would fly around the yard, following me where ever I went. I am totally smitten by this bee.
It is a pleasure indeed to know you also love the bees.
"Oh Bee!"

Deb said...

Beautiful picture - I love the Bees as well.
DebBEE :-)

Q said...

Dear DebBEE!!!
:-) Oh Joy!! You also love the bees! Wonderful.
My husband is the only other human I have known that loves the bees!
It is very, very grand to know you and Chris. People who love the bees are special in every way!