Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Challanges of the Heart

Today my friend stands in her own truth.
The Magnolia reminds us to be true to our hearts, regardless of pressures.
When we are kind yet firm we can withstand the pests and the fumes of life.
We can let go and know all is perfect in its own way.

Courage, be who you are, for you are beautiful.


Mary said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Mary said...

Sorry about the deleted comment. I tried to edit it and I failed. :-)

Here's my original comment about your post:

This entry is simply lovely.

I think all of your photographs are wonderful, and I greatly enjoy my visits here, but this entry was striking.


Q said...

Dear Mary,
No worries!
I did this Magnolia blessing for my friend and thought others would enjoy it.
Each of us is beautiful in our own unique way. Sometimes it is difficult to stand firm in our own truth. Having friends remind us to be who we are helps.
Thank you for your compliment.
So often my post are serendiptous, whatever Mother Nature shows me. This post was "planned".
Thank you,