Tuesday, March 13, 2007

The news of the day

When my husband comes home I give the days report.
The first Daffodil bloomed!
The Shamrocks bloomed!
They were too pretty to put in the refrigerator.
The grass needs cutting!


Sheila said...

These are all lovely, but I do like the arrangement in the copper colander..!

smilnsigh said...

Oh my yes! The grass does need cutting! -giggles-

And blooming Shamrocks too. You are amazing.


Chris said...

I love the baseball :-) It does look like it needs a hair cut!

Q said...

Hi Sheila,
I often make produce arrangements.
I like bowls of fruit and colanders filled to the brim on the countertop. I did another colander today of gold potatoes. They were too pretty to put in the cabinet! I think of the Irish when I think of the potato.

Q said...

Hi Mari-Nanci,
The little baseball planter is fun!
I would like to find a basketball planter as we are in March Madness now! I will plant the shamrocks out in the shade garden in April. They are pretty in my planter stand in the dining room right now. Almost all of my forced bulbs are over so I will need to be creative if I am to have flowers in every vase!
My husband was tickled!
Live, laugh and love,

Q said...

Hi Chris,
Snip-snip-snip, my contribution to all the grass clippings my husband will take this season. When asked I can say, "I cut grass."
Just sillies,