Thursday, March 08, 2007


It is always an exciting day when the Shamrocks arrive. They are Oxalis, not hardy in my gardens.
I look every March for the clovers to green up. I press them in this bitty flower press for cards and letters.
I sprinkle sweet clover in my yard and in pots of dirt.
A saved card from the 1930's, that was sent to my Mother, is framed and in the kitchen. Shamrocks poke out here and there all over the house.


Sheila said...

Pretty little plants aren't they. I love the card that was your Mom's...
No shamrocks in my yard either, at least for another 8-10 weeks...!

Deb said...

I carry a four leaf clover in my handbag for good luck. Your 1930's card is so sweet - what a good idea to frame it where you can enjoy it daily.

Q said...

Hi Shelia,
I love clover gardens! I have patches here and there through out the yard. The bunnies do eat the clover too. The oxalis are pretty plants. Lots of varieties. I will plant mine out in one of the shade gardens come April. For now it decorates the diningroom.
We could have clover greening up any day now, as long as the temperatures stay warm.
May all your clovers be sweet,

Q said...

Dear Deb,
I so love that idea. On my list of fun things to do is to press a clover for me! I could also carry a four leaf clover for good luck. I will have fun seeing if I can find one in the one of the clover patches.
The St. Patrick's Day card is very nice. I was pleased when I found it in my Mother's things. It goes up for March and is stored the rest of the year. Mother saved all of her cards, so I have plenty for each month.
I do enjoy the old cards.
This one with the little green feather is sweet.