Sunday, March 04, 2007

Seed Giving

Perhaps they will begin to build a nest.


The French Nest said...

What a beautiful photograph! They seem in love, don't they?

Deb said...

Oh I hope they do build a nest ... I can just imagine all the wonderful pictures you will take!

Naturegirl said...

Beautiful!! I think we loVe nature!
Come see my birds!
I am so pleased that I stumbled upon your site somehow! Lets keep in touch I am vacationing and when I return shall put you on my favorites! :) NG

Q said...

Dear French Nest,
I think this is bird love!
A little birds and bees.
Sweet honey bees for you!

Q said...

Hi Deb,
Every year we have a couple of pairs of Cardinals that build nests. It is fun to watch them care for each other and their young.
I keep the feeders up all year and the suet. I find it is easier for the birds to raise their young if a steady food supply and fresh water is available.
I rely on intuition for many of the photos. I have been bird watching for over thirty years so I have an idea of what and when and sometimes why they do what they do!
It is always exciting to me when a,new to the gardens, bird comes. Sometimes they like it here and will find mates and make nests and raise their young.
I saw the male and the female Red Bellied Woodpecker together. So I think they have decided they like it here.
Fingers crossed they nest.

Q said...

Dear Naturegirl,
So glad you found me!
I do think we both are Nature Lovers. It is grand to know others are caring for the trees and bugs and birds. By being good stewards Mother Nature rewards us by showing her beauty. I love all the seasons and all the events.
It is fun to see how Nature shows herself in your spot. We shall compare notes.
See you soon.
Safe travel.
May you have sweet winds.

smilnsigh said...

Wow! What photos you take!!!!


Q said...

Hi Mari-Nanci,
This photo was one of those serendiptous moments. I was watching the female Cardinal and had already taken a couple of photos of her when the male flew to the feeder then to her. I was at the back door with the camera already focused on the female. I took this through the glass of the storm door.
I was very pleased. It all happened so quickly. No time for a retake!
Glad you enjoy seeing the birds.
They are delightful.
The Cardinals have a beautiful song.

Jeanne said...

Such lovely photographs.
Thanks for sharing.
You have a most lovely journal indeed.

Q said...

Dear Jeannne,
Thank you for coming by and enjoying the photo essays. This format is a great way to keep a journal. I write in my monthly journals daily. I refer to them also.
The journals let me know what was going on last year and the year before and before...
I keep two Book of Days as well. One is for Flora and one is for Birds and Butterflies. This helps me have an idea when the first Crocus bloomed or when I saw a Blue Bird!
Mother Nature is beautiful.
Thank you for your blessings.
Living in bliss is the best,