Monday, March 19, 2007

Oh Bee!

Dear Bee,
Thank you for reminding me to enjoy.
Thank you for reminding me each day has a blessing.
Thank you for reminding me anything is possible when I believe in my dreams.


Deb said...

Beautiful words and pictures for a Monday morning. Thank you Q.
Cold and snowy here ... so nice to see your bees & yellow blooms.

Chris said...

Wow! How did you manage to get such a shot of the bee in flight. I have a mental image of you running round the garden after it :-)

Q said...

Hi Deb,
Won't bee long now before the bees will bee a humming at your house.
You still have those at home, quiet wintery days.
I am busy as a bee with spring clean up!

Q said...

Dear Chris,
I was sitting in the greening up grass when the bee flew in! I was happy to see him.
My days of chasing the butterflies and bees are over, my knees just won't let me do it anymore. They have to come to me now.
I did get a "great shot" from my husband!
I like bees. Soon we will have butterflies again.

Sprite said...


Dear Q~

Oh Wow, A Bee Faery! Weeeeeee!

I love it!

L~ *sprite

Q said...

Dear Sprite,

Oh bee
how I love thee,
please come by and have some tea.

Oh bee
don't you see
that's a little Chick-a-dee.

Oh bee
come to me
you can sit on my knee.

Oh bee
you're so wee
teach me how to be free!

Sherry, who loves the birds and the bees