Friday, March 16, 2007

Book Club Update

I ordered "East Wind Melts The Ice" by Liza Dolby.
This will be our first selection for our Book Club.

It is expected to ship the first week in April.
My daughter, Housefrau, is joining our group. She suggested I start a separate blog just for Book Club.

Q's Book Club Blog might be fun. Having a separate place we can post and comment just on our books might be easier. What do think?

Today I am off to play with friends.


Chris said...

I'm happy to follow either. You are the leader :-)

Deb said...

Q's book club blog sounds wonderful! I love your "Q " initial! I have checked the library and local bookstores on line but no luck in finding your suggested reading yet ... I will keep trying.

Q said...

Dear Chris and Deb,
Okay, I will attempt to be a good leader! I am rather new at all of this so do not hesitate to speak up! I have never been in a Book Club so I will do my best.
I saw Amazon has "East Wind Melts The Ice". I ordered from Amazon UK.
I think the book came out in January in the U.S. In the UK it is to come out in April.
I think I will do the Book Club Blog. I think it will be fun and easy. I will post on Fridays. Until we get our books I can do the preparations for Book Club.
I will set up the new blog next week.
Thank you both for your interest and support. We will have so much fun.
My e-mail address is:
just in case you would like to contact me that way.
I have wanted to be in a book club for many years.
Thank you.
~Q~ (my brother gave me the wood Q after my Mother died. It hangs in my office.)

Mary said...

This book looks very interesting! Sadly, I have to admit that I'm not much of a gardener, but I'm fascinated by the idea of observations of the natural world intercut with explorations of other cultures.

Looks like a great book club choice!

Q said...

Hi Mary,
Welcome to Book Club!
Hope this selection is interesting. I have not recieved my book yet. From what I have read about it I do think we will enjoy it.

housefrau said...

Count me in! Book club fun!

Q said...

Hi Housefrau,
Yeah! We will have fun and hopefully everyone will help with selections as we go along. I will post something on Fridays.