Friday, March 23, 2007

Daffodil Meditation

I fell asleep last night to the sounds of a thunderstorm.

The birds woke me at dawn; the rains had stopped for awhile.

I quickly dressed. The hour for morning daffodil meditation had come.

I gathered the downed daffodils, remembering the first bulbs I planted thirty years ago.
I reflected on prosperity, how the laws of multiply and divide had filled the gardens with thousands of flowers.
I gazed at each flower I cut, looking deeply into the cups and trumpets.



Chris said...

Beautiful daffodils, Q. What insect is this?

Q said...

Hi Chris,
My yard is full of daffodils. I love them. I began with 20 yellow daffodil bulbs thirty years ago, now I have thousands. I have bouquets of them all over the house too. They have a sweet scent.
I think the little bug is a May Fly. I was surprised as I am sure he was.
I savor this early spring time with the daffodils.
Sherry, who looks inside every daffodil!