Sunday, March 25, 2007

A Dandy for Daughter

Every year I grow a few Dandelions in the flower beds.
Our daughter always liked them, the flower of the poet.
We spent our day picking up leaves.

It is so enjoyable to be with the sweet smells of the spring flowers

and watched by a Robin.
I have an appointment with my bathtub. I am dirty, tired and sore!


housefrau said...

Dandelions! My favorite.

Deb said...

What a sweet post. My daughter Kate always called her Dad "Dandy" when she was little :-)

Mary said...

Whose heart doesn't melt when presented with a grubby fist full of dandelions? I've had more than a few of those bouquets over the years but never get tired of them.

Our yellow and orange cat is named Dandelion as well.

Q said...

Dear Housefrau,
The dandelions in our yard are cultivated! You taught me to love them too! You also taught me the sparrows need houses as well as the wrens! Dandelions and Sparrows, gifts from my daughter, the amazing poet and wisest of women.
Sweetly I remember,

Q said...

Hi Deb,
I grow a few Dandelions as flowers in the beds along with the roses and daisies. They are lovely, happy flowers. This year I plan on trying some Dadelion greens as food. I hear they are excelent. A friend is coming over next month for the experiment. I will let you know if they are good food or not.
Sherry, who loves all the flowers

Q said...

Hi Mary,
A cat named, Dandelion! An excellent name. I can hear the call, " Here Dandy ....