Friday, March 02, 2007

Eve of the Full Worm Moon

The clouds are blowing in from the North.

The total lunar eclipse begins at sunset tomorrow night. I will be ready. I hope for fair skies.

Stardate calls March's full Moon, Full Egg Moon. I use the American Indian names for the full moons. Stardate does have a nice map for the eclipe and I enjoy their monthly newsletter.


Sprite said...


Dear Q~!

Wow, oh Wow. I love these pictures.

I saw it real time this afternoon too, and of course thought of my moon girlfriends, you and you know who. Of course Horton heard the who, but then - me too!

It's like Woo Woo.


L~ sprite

Q said...

Dear Sprite,
You bring the gift of laughter!
Moon friends! I like that.
Thank you for letting me know the moon, the clouds and the sun were in perfect alignment. Having the photos is nice. Some events are etched in the mind forever, like the brilliant double rainbow, others can be studied, like this moon and the clouds and the colors.
Last night was a show of balance,
moon rise and sun set.
It is a "Woo Woo"!
You, I think my Dear, may be the Who!