Tuesday, March 27, 2007

The Process

It is unseasonably warm at 8am.
Rain is in the forecast for this afternoon.

The flowers are blooming earlier then last year.
Spring is moving along rather quickly.

I like the process of Mother Nature.
The way the lupines hold the dew drops fascinates me.

My gardens are full of stories.
These tulips were bulbs my friend saved from the trash bin at her work.
The landscapers were planting summer flowers treating the tulips as if they were spring annuals.
She did not get them planted in her garden and they wintered over in her garage.
She brought 150 of them to me. That was four years ago.
Out of all those little bulbs, three survived.
It will take a few more years of growing before I will divide them.
I named them, "Ali Tulips".

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