Saturday, March 03, 2007

Snow Showers

Light snow showers brought the Cardinals to the feeders.
The morning sun peeked out between the clouds.
The northwest wind is cold.
It is the Lion shaking his mane.
The skies are to clear for the eclipe.
PBS is broadcasting Loreena McKennitt in concert tonight.


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Q said...

Hi Shlesha,
Hmmm.. I do not think of Corner as a spot for income. It is my service.
Here we build relationships.
We reach across time and space and on the wings of care we fly.
May you find prosperity.

For Love of Home said...

You have truly captured nature. What beautiful photos, you must keep your camera ready at all times.

Q said...

Dear Cindy,
I rather took to the camera!
I do keep it at the ready.
I have a back up battery now ready too!
I hope to help others see what is in their back yard. I live in the city on a small corner lot. It is amazing what is just outside the kitchen window.
Soon we will have butterflies again! I look forward to each day and the marvels that are waiting to unfold.