Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Bird Management

I did not know what to do, the Starlings were taking over the feeders. I kept going outside and chasing them away. Mocking Bird gave up hours ago. A funeral was going on across the street. I hoped the Military salute would scare the Starlings. It did!
No bother for the Woodpeckers or the Doves or the Cardinals.

Carolina Wren stayed close to the door for a few minutes.
The Starlings returned. Now what would I do?
Mother Nature took care of my Starling problem, the crashing of ice off the roof scared the Starlings. All the regular birds just kept on feeding. I went back to my baking. We were out of muffins!
Raisin oatmeal cookies are coming out of the oven and I have sweet potatoes planned for supper. I am so grateful for crescent moon photo.


Chris said...

Mmmmm! Tea and buns, wonderful! Have a great day.

Q said...

Hi Chris,
My husband eats two muffins every morning for his breakfast! I have been so busy with the birds I let our supply run out. He left this morning without muffins! I felt terrible since it was zero degrees Fahrenheit. I also baked raisin oatmeal cookies, his favorite.
The muffins today were pumpkin with peacons and raisins. Hope he likes them.