Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Book Signing

I Love a Mystery is a independant bookseller in Mission, Kansas. Sandi Ault came and read two chapters from her new release, "Wild Indigo".
She was dressed in gorgeous, embroidered, beaded, black leather.
A beautiful story told by a beautiful author.
First editions sold out. Reorder is on the way. A fun outing on a snowy evening.


Chris said...

How wonderful. I will watch out for it :-)

Q said...

Hi Chris,
I think you will enjoy this mystery. I hope it is available in the UK. Sandi tells a fun tale and without realizing it you have learned some about the Native American Indians. Her next book, "Wild Inferno", continues to reach into the history of the First People in America, and will be in U.S. bookstores next January.
I am excited.