Thursday, January 18, 2007


I fixed a cup of lavender tea. I added a piece of lavender candy for some sweet and took my tea to my perch at the dining room table. I wanted to think about Mocking Bird. He is my friend. I have spent many hours listening to his sweet songs while I work in the gardens.
I watched him this morning chase Starlings all the way to across the street.
As I thought about my relationship with this remarkable bird I watched the clouds morph into birds as they traveled across the sky.
Time for me to read about Mocking Bird. Perhaps Mocking Bird is trying to tell me something.


Deb said...

Lavender tea sounds delicious! Your blog has introduced me to so many things - lavender tea, bird houses from gourds, wonderful birds I have never seen before ... and all so beautifully photographed and written about.
Thank you Q!

Q said...

Hi Deb,
Lavender tea is very yummy. I use lavender for so many things. I call it my herb! I think everyone has a special herb, sometimes they just do not know it.
I do all sorts of tea blends. I also add dried orange peel sometimes to my tea or licorice root!
I grow lavender,jasmine and roses to use for my needs; teas, syrups, candies, cosmetics, ironing sprays that sort of thing. I did have a tea plant but the bunnies ate it last summer! I will try again this year to get a tea plant thriving.
I keep a tea journal for when I make up a new blend. Last summer I began growing burgamont for my husband's tea. He likes a black tea and burgamont blend.
Thank you for enjoying the photos. I have so much fun taking them and it is a joy to share. I do a slide show every day for my husband. I give the "bird report" as he sips his after dinner tea and watches the day at home in pictures.
I have become comfortable with the camera and I keep learning.
Thank you Deb, for being so kind.
Bird songs,