Thursday, January 18, 2007

Popular Treat

Chick-a-dee was very pleased when he found the meal worms.

I put out seconds since it has been so cold.


The French Nest said...

Stunning photography (as always, you never disappoint!) Lately, I have been amazed at how fast our seed and suet baskets go when the weather becomes cold. Birds are the best weather forecasters because when they crowd the garden, there is sure to be a storm just around the corner!

Q said...

Dear French Nest,
Thank you! I liked these shots of the Chick-a-dee. The background has that water color effect I so adore. Whenever it happens I am extra pleased. As the day progresses the light changes and so my photos look different each time I go out. Sometimes the light changes while I am working with a bird! The birds also seem to have a way of their own. I cannot always get the head just right or a branch will be in the way, all of the trials of the birds and I.
I seldom do group photos because there is so much movement. I like the up close shots, I can see every feather.
They do tell us all about the weather don't they? All of nature does. The leaves of some plants will fold up a few hours before it rains, the bugs also tell us so much. I just love being one with Mother Nature.
In the cold and wet the suet and seeds do go fast. I replace seed two or three times a day in the cold. I have nine suet baskets going. I have replaced them once since the beginning of December. The peanuts also go fast. I am thinking long and hard on how to save bugs for the bug eaters for next winter. Seems silly to buy bugs, yet I do NOT want to encourage bugs in the house.
I grow Mammoth Sunflowers for bird seed and I let lots of the flowers go to seed. I would like more berry bushes and trees.
Glad you enjoy the birds. I love them dearly.