Saturday, January 13, 2007

Lots of Suet

Having the suet in the window boxes is working out just fine.
I can watch Carolina Wren and Downy Woodpecker from the kitchen window or from my office. The back yard has filled up with birds. Sometimes the little birds need a break from the Cardinals and Mocking bird and all the flocking birds.


The French Nest said...

I am never disappointed when I visit...everytime I do I am introduced to a bird I have never seen or even heard fascinating! Yet again, beautiful photos!

The French Nest said...

Everytime I visit I am introduced to a bird I have never seen or even heard's fascinating. As always, beautiful photography!

Q said...

Hi French Nest,
I love your name!
The photos are fun. I take them all day long from different windows in the house. Today I was disappointed I could not get a picture of the Brown Creeper. I had never seen one before! I hope he comes back! We are to have very cold temperatures and snow so that could help bring more birds to the yard. I think the Creeper is looking for bugs. I should figure out a way to save summer bugs for winter food for my feathered, bug eating friends. As it is I buy the meal worms and suet with bugs, I do not know any thing about the Brown Creeper. On my list of research projects to do tonight.
I think I will be adding some feeders to the front yard too. The back yard is so full of birds that I am not sure another bird would be able to find a spot for feeding. The front suet is going over so nicely and I think if nothing else I can always put a plate of food out by the porch. Also some dried fruit would be nice.
The front pond has enough ice on it small birds can get a drink. We keep a small bubbler going so the entire pond does not freeze over. The fish go down to the bottom and rest during very cold weather. I saw a Junco sipping from the big pond today so I know water is available. The heater in the new bird bath bowl is working nicely. Backyard birds have water.
I do seem to be rather wild for the birds.

Deb said...

We also have suet baskets throughout our garden - unfortunately the squirrels seem to occupy them most of the time! poor little birds are on the ground eating up what ever seems to drop! (you can see my daughter is a fan of yours as well!!)

Q said...

Hi Deb,
French Nest is a joy!
You and her are so creative.
The squirrels around here leave the suet alone as long as they have corn or seed to get into. I frown on squirrels in the window boxes. It has happened in the past so now I scatter seed or put out left over nuts. Squirrel corn is rather inexpensive and if it gets really cold, for very long, I will pick up some. I do not like the squirrels digging in my flower beds either. I plant my tulips inside a ring of daffodiles so the squirrels leave them alone.
I like the antics of the squirrels. My husband is not fond of them at all!
Hope you are enjoying your birds and your squirrels.