Monday, January 22, 2007

Tea and seeds

I bundled up; long underwear, leg warmers, coat, hat, gloves and boots. I was going outside to take marvelous photos! I put the camera and the telephoto lens on the monopod. It started to snow within two minutes. My lens was getting wet. The only shot I was able to get was a crow flying by. I came inside for a cup of tea. Lately I have been adding Licorice root to my green tea. My husband brought home a box of Licorice Spice for me to try. I want to grow licorice.Over the weekend we started to go through all the seed catalogs. I am almost ready to place my orders.

I checked my notes from last year. I made a list of seeds I saved and seeds I need. I made a list of flowers for the butterflies and for the Hummingbirds.
So this afternoon I will be content to watch Downy at the window of my office.
I will finish up the seed orders. Maybe later I will bundle up again and venture forth.

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