Sunday, January 14, 2007

Portland Bird Report

Our daughter e-mailed her bird report! She saw a Bewick's Wren today. I have never seen one! From what I have read, they are a little bit smaller than Carolina Wren. They have a different song too.
She also spotted a Northern Flicker. I am wondering if it looked like our Yellow Shafted Northern Flicker.
Portland bird report is fun on this icy, winter night.
Thank you Housefrau.


The French Nest said...

We've had snow all day today, and the birds just flocked to our garden where they indulged in our organic mixed seeds and suet mum and I even made peanut butter sandwiches for the squirrels!

housefrau said...

My northern flicker is more borwnish and drab than the pictures I've seen. Maybe it is a lady!

Q said...

Hello French Nest,
How very fun, peanut butter sandwiches for the squirrels. I love that! The snow is so pretty and the birds do come a calling. Glad to know you are an organic seed giver. It is so fun to feed the birds and to watch them. Right now I am rather overwhelmed by all of them. Dividing up the feeders to include the front yard helped out today. I put peanuts on the yard so the ground feeders could stay on the ground and leave room on the deck for the plate eaters.
What types of birds do you have feeding in Canada?
Cheers to the birds and to those who feed them.

Q said...

Hi Housefrau,
I bet your Northern Flicker was a lady!
So often they travel and feed in pairs. I bet your male Flicker was close by. They like bugs. I am thinking of a way of saving summer bugs for winter food. Seems as if all sorts of birds and plants need bugs come January.
We have been putting out our grapefruit rinds and clementine peels. The Jays seem to go for them.
All sorts of birds like berries.
I guess I could get frozen berries since all the ones on the trees are frozen anyway.
"Hi", to all your bird friends.